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I should always remember to forage in my own yard for some things for salads. It's so easy to forget how delicious some plants can be in a salad, and cost so little for me to get aside from a little work picking them!

Case in point, the wild wood violet, which grows like gangbusters in the grass of the lawn, between the dandelions, creeping blistered charlie, clover, pokkelidjer weed (crownvetch) and tiny fernlike plants I can't freaking identify.

Four cups of violet blossoms and I haven't even gotten through 1/4 of the yard. What I don't eat, I'll press or dry on a rack for dried flower jars.
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The other 3 elemental shortbread cookies!

Earth! Flavored with vanilla and sprinkled with fresh chopped rosemary prior to baking, hand-brushed alchemical symbol for earth done in black food coloring!

Fire! Flavored with orange essential oil, topped with dry sweet basil prior to baking, alchemical symbol hand-brushed on with food coloring.

And finally my personal favorite and personal element..WATER! Flavored with lime essential oil and fresh chopped thyme leaves sprinkled on prior to baking, alchemical symbol hand-brushed on with green food coloring!

And the recipe is here )

OH! And whoever wants cookies for christmas? NOTE ME, OR EMAIL OR IM ME YOUR MAILING ADDRESS PLZKTHNX??!!??

You'll get 4-5 coins of each element! Or just specify.
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Here's the results of today's cookie baking...

They're each about the size of a silver dollar, lemon-lavender shortbreads and the purple food coloring painted on top of them is the alchemical symbol for air~

EDIT: For reference, there will be 3 more elemental shortbreads coming.
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...should I do a food blog?

Main reasons I haven't started one, outside of posting a few recipes here, are these.

1) (biggest issue) ...I don't measure during my cooking experiments. Not accurately anyway. sure I'll base most of the experiments off of a recipe I might find online or specifically look up. Like Tempura. or Risotto. From there I just start messing around and it doesn't SEEM that origional or creative to me.

2) Other Foodie Blogs. They do food blogging a HELL of a lot better, with lovely photos and strange fruits. I wanna try a kiwano melon damnit. I see them so often in the foodie blogs from the west coast. I know wisconsin has some artisian cheeses and heritage fruits growing here, but usually they're way out of my price bracket.

3) I go squueeeeeeeeeeOMNOMNOM on my experiments and forget more often that I actually write about them in here. I haven't kept track of how many bentos I've done, but it's probably up in the hundreds by now. At least 200.

So. Thoughts?

If there are at least 5 comments by 8pm central time, I'll post the fried spinach chicken rolls recipe.
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Or, by another name, me and the banquet leftovers.

I gotta say this for weddings, as exhausting as they are to prepare, I always find myself with plenty in the fridge afterwards. Take this past weekend, 225 people (give or take a few who didn't make it or arrived without invite*) came to celebrate two joyous people bein' wed. 144 of these people ordered chicken, 65 ordered pork, and 16 were vegetarian.

Dear chicken folk, yeah you didn't leave us any leftover almond crusted chicken, but thanks to a lil quick thinking for myself, I got several pounds of scrapmeat from when we trimmed all those breasts down into fat-free-ish portions. A lil more trimming on my part and I had several pounds left of fairly useable meat, two thirds of which have been cooked up in various ways. ('plain'** and 'marinated in cherry wine') The last third of which is properly marinating in some tasty miso paste.

Dear pork folken, several of you were not interested in your pork tenderloins (likely you switched for chicken or the vegetarian option), you fed many a waitstaff, dishwasher and line cook. I scored some masted potatoes from you.

Vegetarian people, more of you showed up than written down, but it was alright since we made too much of the autumn veggie risotto anyways. Your leftovers fed ME and also got placed into the sides station to be reused in a special this week. You guys had GOOD taste.

All in all a good haul, I am a little sad that this upcoming Saturday will be the last banquet for several months, but I think I can live with it.

*I'm looking at you Bachelor Duo who were at the Bar and decided it was bright to lean against the service door. I know both of your faces now. Do NOT honk with the service staff.

** Not quite what it sounds like, lightly seasoned with salt and pepper and saved to be mixed in with any sort of sauce and carb.


Jul. 19th, 2009 12:23 am
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Stick a fork in me, I'm done.

Today's events at work went less than happily as our third salad worker for the big weekend fell and managed to hit her head, her shoulderblades, and her tailbone on the steps from the back pantry area. The poor girl is fine, but it couldn't have happened at a better time, 2 hours before opening with a ton of prep left to go.

We did make it through the night, but not after Jesse decided he HAD to let in another 70 on top of the 200 we'd already gone through.

Everything in the station is down to bare scrapings, save for the desserts.

Also fortuitous, I switched shifts with Shan (girl who got hurt) for tomorrow, so she'll get a day of rest that she'll need. She's promised to sub in for one of my shifts if I ever want off to go to a concert or something.

Right now, after 11 hours of work, I'm going to take a hot bath and then get to bed.

Slightly better news? Jesse's mistakes resulted in a lot of duplicated menu items that we noshed on.
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Make moar crabcakes and freeze them


Make Buffalo Chicken Meatballs

Clean the Kitchen.

Use that angel-hair pasta you made from scraps at the resort

Clean the kitchen afterwards.

Mug the UPS guy when he finally delivers my ichibankan order.

Make a mess in the kitchen squeeing over loot.
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Today I wish to expression something.

Madness, yes sheer madness, partially at myself for getting flustered at the start of the summer rush, but also at my new salad/app coworker.

Yeah, you're cute, I'll give you that, but despite your previous experience at Dairy Queen, I do have to ask where your common sense IS.

Remember that section of our top-cooler I called the pizza station? And how all those veggies I had you cut up were PIZZA toppings? That's right, good. So. Dear coworker with bad taste in hip hop, why did you think you were being clever when you put all those veggies in the LOWER mini-fridge shelves?

Or how about those five times I had to tell you to stop adding flour to the pizza dough when we were rolling it out? Even ZEKE the head chef came up and gave you a lecture and demonstration. And I still had to re-knead and fix the balls of pizza dough you made after that. >m< At least you were wise in your selection of where to put the spare trays of dough, you were very quick to pick up on the metal tray going on the bottom shelves in the walk-in. Good job.

Also? Your hands are covered in warts. This is important, and tomorrow for banquet? Just wear the same pair of gloves, and use the sani bucket on them frequently, instead of going through 10 pairs in 7 hours. And keep wearing gloves after you get the warts burnt off, just incase.

I'll give you that today was your first day working salad, and last week was your first time working a banquet, but please, I'm hoping next week when I start training you again, you'll remember everything I showed you tonight.

*starts making plans for top cooler management and lower cooler organization*

We'll also find out who has been throwing out our lil ramikins, because we should not be down to a dozen, since at the end of last summer we had over 60 of those.

Important things to do tomorrow: Get lots of spoons at the station, and cut up veggies for farmer's market platter and restock everything for the salads.


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