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Tuck-in for bed was over 2 and a half GODS BE DAMNED HOURS AGO. I HAVE SHIT TO GET DONE TOMORROW ANd...why the fuck ass am I channeling Karkat?

..Trying not to pick at the navel line incisions and completely avoiding putting any kind of pressure on the side abdominal incision since that fucker has been getting pinchy if I so much as think about leaning over to grab something or wear a seatbelt too close to it.


Oct. 26th, 2016 12:16 am
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RIGHTY-O. Before I enter in my dream log of yesterday's subconcious play escapades, I think I need to do something important.

Such as informing y'all that last week Monday I drove my own damn ass to the ER, and after about 4 hours on morphine, was found to have a swollen angry appendix crimped around part of my colon.

This is the past news, and some of y'all already know about it because I was sane and sober enough to let various friends know via phone texts. I'm fine, recovering from surgery and mostly irritated with how little I can get done in a day thanks to a limit put on how much I can lift/carry for another two weeks. The offending organ has been removed and....yeah. Maybe I'm not mentally okay with the series of events.

...anyhow I'm going to make an effort while recovering to at least write something each day.

Even if it's just a few sentences about my day and not good stuff life dream entries.


Dream notes 10-25-2016

Woke up at 6:25 am after having insanely convoluted art-dream that involved me retracing my steps to regain my art supplies from a previous adventure-dream that spanned 3(? may be more) different Conventions during one summer season. Cosplaying and cosplayers were represented of seriously way too many fandoms to name in waking hours (dear brain apparently brie that is slightly off and apple cider before bed is not the wisest plan) along with my ghetto-ass attempts to cosplay with them as fancharacters (Steven Universe Gems).

At this point I'm rereading what I have just written and wondering why the actual FUCK I'm having an insanely complex dream in just 3 hours of sleep. I haven't finished writing it all down but the reason for my status as being wide-fucking-awake is made known as the upstairs neighbors thump and complain overhead.

Back to the point, because partway through this run of madness that were sitcom-level wacky attempts at control and encouragement of my creative processes in life, lucidity dawned in that fine moment of 'waaaaaait a second, I know I've danced to this tune before'. After that it was observing my 'self' as the rest of the insanity progressed including apt descriptions from the police for a BOLO on my jeep, for my arrest over something I vaguely recall involving milk crime. ... There were car crashes going through stacks of supplies that I'd salvaged from around half of the sites I'd visited on a prior trip when I started asking the question "Wait, didn't all of this happen three fucking years ago? None of that stuff would even still be in place back there anymore, people got Lives to LIVE and my shit would have just been thrown away because it was in their way'.

It was then a progression of a trainwreck as things all became comically worse, to the point where I'm standing in the exploded remains of where my art studio shack used to be, completely unharmed and having not learned the lesson at all before raring off to go help a friend to make myself feel better about the entire stinking pile of drama.

Seriously brain, WHAT THE HELL. Going to attempt to go back to sleep now at 7 am. After all of that I had to wake up, realize I needed to pee painfully bad and write all of this down before it all escaped my brain.
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Good News: I get tomorrow off from the the hell plant that is the temp job at the plastics company

Bad news: Tomorrow afternoon I am supposed to be getting a call if I am going to be going back there to work or not.

Good news: The creeping tingling an occaissional nerve pinch going on in my hands and fingers for the past two weeks has been looked at.

Bad News: It's carpal tunnel syndrome. I did not have the social spoons to delve into the late-afternoon swarm at Walmart to pick up naproxen or special wrist splints for when I sleep. Things for tomorrow's todo list

Bad news: Since my bank reported that some of my information on a website I shopped at has been stolen, so I had to go to the bank, cancel my debit card and withdraw the $$$ needed to pay for Rent, Food, Gas and most importantly of ALL...the upcoming expenses for the con.

Good news: I am on for hitting up Convergence in Minneapolis over the 4th of July weekend next week. Hotel is a go, registration already paid for, time taken off TWICE (if Raoul tries to set me up with something next week for temp work I WILL LIGHT THAT PUERTO RICAN MAN ON FIRE)

Bad news: I didn't get enough punk patches made for the Whales Ate My Baby packs. Or any of the really FUN ones made up (srsly, the fact that there is a GIRAFFE constellation cracks me the hell up)

...I thought I had more but right now I've spent 15 hours awake and sober and I really need to fix ONE OF THOSE THINGS. Because Rage Sewing isn't an option with carpal tunnel.
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Sooo... The place I was going to get hired at ran out of work (their director has promised the agents at the temp agency that the company WILL BE HIRING ME ON when more work arrives)...which led to everyone except half a skeleton crew (for running the factory) to being temporarily laid off before Memorial Day. This happened last week Thursday. There were other events related to that time and event, some of which people already know about. In the sense that they knew not to poke the nuclear bear.

For the past week I've been working at another factory through the same temp agency... Tomorrow, I will be calling them while on one of my breaks, to say that I will NOT be fucking continuing this bullshit of a week of 12 hr shifts in a place with no fucking fans worth a damn, while standing on my feet for all but 45 minutes of that 12 hour shift.

Right now my everything hurts, I have no energy to write any fiction or tag... and I have to get up at 3:30 am again tomorrow for another shift.

...I think everything below the navel is going to try to murder me in my sleep tonight.

I also suck at keeping on with updating this journal. Sorry.
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The job-hunt has been entirely unsuccessful and according to several of the places I have applied, I would have better luck trying again in the New Year. Seeing as that's a month away, it's the Yulmas season, and after checks for my rent and utilities go through tomorrow I will have $9 left in my checking account.

I still need to pay for the final bedbug check-over ($150) and make it through this month and into the next. The office has a security deposit for 3 months rent, which I will be asking about tomorrow. I don't know what it'd take to get me through this month seeing as I need to go to the psychiatrist ($75 and up for an appt) to get insomnia medication still.

I still have things to deal with from mom's will and savings accounts, but those take time and energy. Given that I've only got time with no job currently, it's more a matter of energy and understanding legal puuduu.


So. What I've got is a bunch of blank ATC cards, denim, felt, hand embroidery tools, and a deck of Faerie Oracle cards.

Trying to figure out reasonable pricing won't be too difficult, and I think that a $450 1st goal is not too shabby. Stretch goals might be in the $700 range and we'll just keep going up from there.

Galdang I am so tired right now.
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Cam? How much trouble would you say it'd be to immigrate to Canada? Really, REALLY sick of American Politicians. Also the healthcare, police, and my GODDAMN NEIGHBORS.
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Yesterday I got the inspection scheduled for my apartment. The examination with trained beagle comes tomorrow morning, so today I've got to try contacting the Tenant Rights group of Wisconsin.

Edit: just called, left a message on their machine, and have no idea how to navigate the phone tree at the clerks office.

Calling to report scares me but it must be done...

Anyone know who might be the ones to call?
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I reported the finding and biting from a bedbug infestation on Monday. Thursday a pest control company was spraying the eaves of the roofs for all of the buildings in the complex. I kind of doubt such an ineffective method was the response from the work-order and Managerial Staff, but I can't reach them for comment until Monday.

I'm really, really sick of how fucked up everything is right now.

If I don't get a response next week, I'm going to have to take some drastic measures. Plastic bagging every article of clothing, tin-foiling all of my books, and bleach scrubbing anything else that is water-proof but not heat-resistant. And calling my own damn exterminator.

If it comes to that I'll have to beg, but the orders will be on a sterilization hold. Once all fabric and floss get the all clear, I'd be starting work. Which'd be a huge freaking delay.


Apr. 4th, 2014 01:04 pm
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Right, even after my brother drove me to the Elkhart Lake police office to pay the fine in person yesterday there were no available officers to take care of things (they were either liason-ing at the highschool or doing interviews for help come summer.)

Now since I was assured that the amount was $210, I paid that in cash through a bailbonds envelope in their drop box. Anyone who thinks I have an hour to spare waiting for these people is really, really thinking wishfully since that's how long it took me to GET TO THEIR BUILDING. There was no frelling option for online payment with them.

First thing I check is to see that the fines register as having been 'paid' this morning.

Guesssssss whaaaat....

They weren't and five calls have been left since this morning at their office.

All I'm saying is that unless several people have mysteriously and spontaneously combusted over in Elkhart Lake, THIS SHOULD NOT BE HAPPENING.

(Addendum: I called again an hour after posting this. Still. the same. bloody. voice-mail. tree. I know I got someone on the first ring yesterday.)


Martin (said brother) lent me cash to pay these fines and get my license back asap and wants it back at the end of the month. I really...really am tired of this.
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...cause Ion my wee laptop is in the shop once again, tahnkfully covered by my geeksquad tech support insurance.

and I'm buying a new computer. Well. New to me.

aaaand this coming Tuesday is my very first...root canal. Liquid diet, antibiotics and painkillers hoor- wait that not right.

Cam, I am greatly appreciating the ways you have VASTLY expanded my dictionary of cussing words. So very, very grateful. And if this turns out to be malware, I will find the large incontinent St. Bernard, and add in the Tibetan Mastiff trained to attack people who put out small fires.


Jun. 23rd, 2012 01:16 pm
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All that drama earlier this week and barely anything sells that we prepped the HELL out of.

only a handful of things sold that were meant for rummage, almost all the antiques we had on display sold but my idiot brothers undersold EVERY SINGLE ONE.

When you set a minimum price STICK TO IT.

Debating what to do with myself now, since I've been freed from duty at the table.
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About paring down to only the stuff you'll use during the next four months.

About doing only the things that won't mess up the house for the next four months.

God DAMNIT. I am so sick of cleaning and sorting by now and there's still more to do!

I'd like to make jams this year from the stuff I'll be foraging, I'd like to have stuff stocked up for the colder winter months! But the sad damned reality is that I won't be able to if i'm moving soon.
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Thanks to the brother of idiocy who could not fucking figure out how to write a letter and get it witnessed and dated, I am without health insurance.
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Guess what? I'm sick! Yay for headaches and nausea robbing me of $35 in plasma donation money.

Also! Great fun! The gallery that's been selling my art is closing and can not afford to relocate this month! In the middle of the contest! I'mma have to pick up my stuff sometime because they're selling the building.

And ofcourse, it's snowstorming outside. Heck, I know I'm not lucky enough to get enough snow for a proper anti-valentine's snow scuplture.

Bah! I'm taking a scalding hot shower and crawling into bed.

brain: wait what, why are we angry
brain: good grief did we start channeling Sekhmet?
body: BITE! SMASH!
body: RAWRRAWRRAWRrawrrawr.... Oh hi there, isn't today nice?
Brain: ........hate you hormones.
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Dear universe,

The same joke from six different people regarding WHY I want to see the midnight movie madness showing for Green Lantern tonight is not funny.

I am not going to see it, just to see Ryan Reynolds shirtless and in briefs. I am seeing it for the aliens, the ring uses and the freaking COMIC.

Lucky number 7 may find themselves leaving my company with unfriendly teeth marks.

Well poo.

May. 24th, 2011 10:22 pm
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So, my brother was over playing for a european football league in Austria. Keyword. Was. See he's not going to get paid now. The team had a contract that was mostly about them helping set up and take down concert equipment when there weren't any games on. Cashyano.

Except that contract has fallen through for the team.

And Martin's over there, trying to get hoops jumped to transfer to another team in a different country with a Visa but gods only know if that'll work.

So he might be flying back home and here as early as next week.

This sucks for him, because he is not getting paid and I have no doubt that when he gets home he will be in a seriously foul mood.

Which means cleaning. On top of the yardwork and the 12hr shift job about to start.


I might not have much free time this week.
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Your robocaller will be the first to die tonight.

The Women's League of Voters does NOT support Walker, and neither does the Planned Parenthood group.

And if you send me someone from the American Cancer society saying I have to support Walker I will track them down and have strong words about liars.

So help me Sekhmet, I will light you morons on fire for this bullshit and summon a horde upon you asses and your criminal children.
crazyfurries: a cranky abbysinnian kitten (cussing) says something that I'm just now realizing that the impact that goddamn christmas planebomber has on my life is that I'm not going to be able to bring a packed meal or even a frigging candybar onto an airplane anymore.
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Right, some time ago Mom said her friend would be coming by to fix the house in SEPTEMBER.

I get a phone call today about how he's showing up THIS wedensday this week to fix many things in the house and will be staying with us for a few days.

I should have know. When Mom says 'dinner will be served at noon' means 'dinner will be served about 3pm' so when she said 'September' she obviously mean two months later.

I'm kind of happy we're getting the stove and the oven fixed, but she's just now talking about replacing other things in the house. Things that I know will take more than just a few days.


Oct. 31st, 2009 02:12 pm
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apparently cream make up when blended with another make up from the same brand takes twice as long to dry.

also, the washing machine takes for fucking ever.

*sitting at computer shirtless for the moment and cold*


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