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So, apparently I overpaid for the bed bug treatment services and I'm getting a check sent BACK to me in the mail. Whoo. $250.

Bad news, the car I purchased in fricking AUGUST has shown signs of wonky steering and a heater that doesn't work. This news came after the 10 calls from my aunt as she drove it down to Chicago for her doctor's appointment. The calls started at 6 am, and around 10 am, she called to inform me that she wanted to meet up in Oshkosh, which was a much harder ordeal than she anticipated. I don't think she remembered that I have to walk a mile to the nearest bus stop (30 minutes if I walk there FAST, and there are icy sidewalks. Hahaha, NO.) and I need to take two different buses to get to the nearest 24hr breakfast place (again 30-45 minutes, even when things aren't icy as shit).

I'm tired, still cold from the walk home, and hungry. The only thing I got done for work (because navigating the bus adds at least 3-4 hrs of travel time to any expedition) was some milk for groceries and printing off the paperwork needed to deal with some of Mom's retirement accounts from the library.

I either want to bite someone's face off or scream, and I have the energy for neither activity.


Oct. 11th, 2012 11:13 pm
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I have heard "this is the final push of cleaning" seven times in one hour this evening.

It does not encourage me if you repeat this.

At least not tonight.

If you're using this phrase to refer to the next ten minutes, and still going on after the time limit has passed for your previous statement to be correct, SAYING IT AGAIN DOES NOT MAKE IT HAPPEN FASTER.

...on that note, just please, kick Martin in the SHINS the next time he asks me to lift something. My back already wants to murder him.

I am going to sleep.

And tomorrow I will scrap more metal and take ALL OF THE BOOZE FROM THE HOUSE.
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Spent today getting items from Fondy, and sorting/organizing shit before moving it.

I am officially fucking pooped.

I'll try to get to my slowtimes and tags this weekend, but no promises.

(dangit I almost had half a brain to tag the Chimp Scientist with the Secret!Adult Gadget Hero)

*faceplants into bed*


Jun. 17th, 2012 03:05 am
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after having gone to bed at 11pm with exhaustion from spending 8 long hours cleaning the kitchen counters of all items into spotlessness (including all of the breakfast nook, under it and outward a good five feet...)

I woke up at 3 am, having a freak out at all empty everything is starting to look again. From a nice warm slumber that I can not seem to return to right now.

...really can't wait until I get evaluated at the head shrinker in a couple of weeks.
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Okay, either something I ate yesterday didn't agree with me or I just picked up a stomach bug and a nasty one at that.

From 2 am upwards it was an 'in the cozy bed hole for 35-55 minutes and running to the bathroom for 10-15 in between; kind of night and looking out at the snow-covered town this morning it's not looking much better.

Drinking my fluids because...heh...flu-ids.

I don't think I'll be good for much today folks.

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Dear body,

Yeh I know we woke up feeling like crap, and we still went to work anyway. At least we got more stuff done so it won't be as BAD tomorrow. You know We're going to end up working with Captain GiantDouche tomorrow afternoon, and for the next two days after that. If we manage to get through all of the next 2-3 days, we'll get to sleep then sweetie.

We can't strangle him this year either, however he got hired, he's still the only worker who shows up on time, despite how lazy an ass he is.

Love Me.

PS: I made us that curry stew we love for dinner tonight, i'll pick up some raisins to toss into it tonight to finish it off.
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Mom's coming to 'help clean' her room.

...God I should start with the whiskey shots now because it's going to be pulling TEETH to get her to throw some things away.
crazyfurries: (plush bug) that I will be hiding in, with whiskey in a few moments.

The good news last week thursday was that mom made it out of surgery okay, her lymph nodes were clean and it looked like she was going to make a wonderful recovery.

Today's news from mom.

My Uncle Tom (Dad's side) got heatstroke at the workplace, his last recorded bodytemp was 108 which was as high as the thermometer went. He's been cooled down, but other problems, such as kidney and liver failure as well as no brain function... He has stated numerous times before that he doesn't want to be put onto life support. I'm worried for Josh, his son, who should be coming out of highschool right about now.

My aunt Diane (married to an uncle on dad's side, and my favorite, due to a mixture of culture, cooking and non-boujie behavior) has had her breast cancer resurface. This is more unsettling due to the fact that I NEVER KNEW SHE HAD IT BEFORE.

Mom's medical consultants have been looking at the skin to graft from, to make up for what was taken away during the masectomy. Apparently the skin on her back it too thin, both from Alpha-1 and her previous surgeries, so she won't be getting that fixed...and the flap that lets the wound drain out is messed up, so she has to go in Wedensday to get it fixed in surgery again.
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...okay. Y'all on my friendslist can kick me over not reporting this earlier.

About 12 years ago my mom became diagnosed with a degenerative genetic lung condition, referred to as Alpha-1 Antitripstein disorder. Her lungs don't retract back when she breathes in, which over the years have resulted in two surgeries for lung reduction, and recently last year, her getting onto a list for lung transplant recipients.

As of three weeks ago, this changed when mom had a mamogram. It came up with a lump. Breast Cancer. She's been removed from the transplant list for treatment. This Thursday she's going to have the lumps and her breasts removed.

I'll be there for the surgery.

Right now....

I'm just gonna hide in my blanket fort for a while.

Memphis is here too.

Dear World

Feb. 23rd, 2009 11:24 am
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I get it.

Technology hates me.


*goes to get soda*


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