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...on this day in 1950, Johanna M. Schwalbe was born in Rome, Georgia. Her father and mother were both teachers, Jack Schwalbe teaching engineering and machine shop, Nina Schwalbe teaching English and Home Economics.

I could fill in the rest of the details between that day and today, but the important thing is this. I'd rather honor the day my mother entered the world, than spend a day weeping on the anniversary of when she left this mortal coil.

Every year, if I have the funds to do so, I make a donation to the Alpha-1 Foundation.

This year, is probably the first time I've actually be able to be coherent enough to talk about it and actually do the deed exactly on the date in question.

I guess this is what's called progress.
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I am now 70% moved into the new place in Sheboygan and wow have I really let myself slide on updating things since I got stuck in the ass-end of no-where Wisconsin.

Fun thing, the meat-packing plant job let me go after 4 days, saying "You don't seem to be a good fit for our company". Not actually to my face, I heard this through the temp service via phone call about 20 minutes after leaving work on the 4th day. Suffice to say I was not happy, even less happy when a few weeks later Aunt Kate went to ask them WHY I was let go. *Facepalm* Curious does not mean invasive with most people, but with that woman I swear.... Strike one.

Apparently I "Did not soak up new information fast enough" and "chased people out of the breakroom with farting". Those were Kate's words and probably not what the lead supervisor said, because my business with them ended the moment they terminated my contract with them.

On the topic of the puppy situation, she has gotten leash trained and regularly goes out on walkies with Aunt Kate who is absolutely smitten with her. Kate has fallen out with the dog rehabilitator for not bringing the dog in for examination over in Iowa. By falling out I mean Kate won't listen to any experts now, save for the ones who've written books or made audiobooks about the subject of dogs. Strike Two!

I think in the heaviest of topics that need to be updated, this recent Labor Day I did NOT get to pack everything up and go down to Sheboygan as previously planned, but instead had to suffer through Aunt Kate's attempts to get someone to come by and fix the water heater on the RV for free. Which was followed by her saying that we 'needed to have an important talk' over a good dinner somewhere. (it ended up being this faux-wildwoods restaurant called ADVENTURES, believe me they want the name capitalized) She didn't hint about what the talk was going to be about so believe me when I say that I didn't believe what I was hearing at first. According to her, if I don't become self-sustaining in the next 3-5 years my family may take measures to have me declared 'incompetant' and sent into a group home for adults or possibly even institutionalized. I didn't take it well and started crying at the end of the meal as I lost both my appetite and my attention span during Kate's long-winded plans to get me a job that has a retirement fund.

Next day I wake up to find out I'd left my wallet at the grocery store the night before when I'd purchased a mix-n-match 6pack of beer for night time coping strategies. With three hours cut from an already re-arranged packing day I didn't get to load the dresser into the jeep with my clothes as had been previously planned. I landed in Sheboygan safely after a 6hr drive and promptly just stared at a wall for a while until my friend got done with her job and then took us out to eat, because according to her "You've had a shitty day yesterday and you need some happy." I love my friends, because not only do they give me a place to live, but her family wants to adopt me, and I feel at home.
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So this week has been terribly rainy and terribly exhausting in that things with my aunt keep hitting setbacks. There's also a lost puppy involved, and really the entire thing is exhausting to explain, even if it boils down to Aunt Kate being too stubborn to listen to instructions.

When the handler of the purebred puppy you ordered delivers the pup and tells you NOT TO TAKE IT OUT OF THE CRATE OR IT WILL SLIP THE LEASH YOU DAMN WELL LISTEN.

We see the dog often enough, and I know y'all will rightly worry about it. Right now I have zero energy to worry about the dog. I hope Kate gets her head out of her butt and gets down to business for actually live-trapping the puppy because that may be the only sure, humane way to GO.

I saw BEARS on the side of the road the other day and regularly hear coyotes. Nothing is kosher about this and I'm living out of an RV in the machine shed right now. It's supposed to be temporary but I have little faith about this arrangement working out like it was supposed to on time.
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Today was a good day over all. I packed one large box, picked up six more apple boxes for packing, donated plasma to get $50, some scribbling was done at plasma donation (not much, one page. I used to fill more) and after all of that my brother Martin stopped by on a surprise visit, in which we shared ice cream and discussed various topics.

Me being the nervous wreck I am while moving, I did start crying a little when the topic of the old family lake cottage came up. There are so many memories there and at this moment I can do nothing while the aunties and uncles discuss selling it since they are too old to take care of it and most of the cousins are showing no interest in keeping it. So. Yeah. I can type it out and remain relatively rational (ha!) and then go onto other things. It just hurts and hollows me out.

After those talks about the move, it's costs, what I was doing about it, what kind of trailer rating does my hitch have and is good for... I need a reciever bolt and then I can get a hitch on it. Even though the people at U-haul said they'd rent me what I'd need to haul a trailer, Martin's advice is that I find a 2 inch receiver and save some money.

Also, during his visit, he gave some very good advice about the packing and stacking of what I'm bringing with me. Some of it, such as the "three bags" rule don't apply to crafters and artists, but the advice about the important stuff getting packed last into the trailer makes hella sense. This way it gets unloaded first, no fuss, no muss. Ofcourse more work was required to make such a space for organization happen. So much had to be lifted, moved and re-cleaned before he would accept it as a space to start laying out for how I will pack thins. Many items will end up in recycling, donated or thrown out. I am irritated and sad that I don't have a way to get all the liquor bottles I saved from my idiot neighbors over to the lady in Elkhart who turns them into wicked candle lanterns but such is life at this point.

I'm writing this now because I started babbling at a friend as soon as I got online, by Ptah's starry BALLS this in insane. I hate moving. I need to get out of here with the shitty apartment and the shitty neighbors though. Such is the life.

No embroidery was accomplished today.


Apr. 4th, 2014 01:04 pm
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Right, even after my brother drove me to the Elkhart Lake police office to pay the fine in person yesterday there were no available officers to take care of things (they were either liason-ing at the highschool or doing interviews for help come summer.)

Now since I was assured that the amount was $210, I paid that in cash through a bailbonds envelope in their drop box. Anyone who thinks I have an hour to spare waiting for these people is really, really thinking wishfully since that's how long it took me to GET TO THEIR BUILDING. There was no frelling option for online payment with them.

First thing I check is to see that the fines register as having been 'paid' this morning.

Guesssssss whaaaat....

They weren't and five calls have been left since this morning at their office.

All I'm saying is that unless several people have mysteriously and spontaneously combusted over in Elkhart Lake, THIS SHOULD NOT BE HAPPENING.

(Addendum: I called again an hour after posting this. Still. the same. bloody. voice-mail. tree. I know I got someone on the first ring yesterday.)


Martin (said brother) lent me cash to pay these fines and get my license back asap and wants it back at the end of the month. I really...really am tired of this.
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Staying with friend atm, so I am safe.

Currently have found a room for rent, that is CHEAPER AND CLEANER than the old place and already has one cat. My Louie will have a playmate.

My fines are paid off so all I need to do is renew my driving license and license plate. WHOO.

Working on a Budget for brothers to lend money from the inheritance (since a certain brother has been dragging his heels on that) for the expenses of finishing the dental work and living expenses until the end of summer. Whoooooo. Also it turns out the the reason for this taking so long is MORGAN DRAGGING HIS FEET.

Also going to be sending vital update info to work-friends and family to see who is available to help move. Non-essentials are going to the barn (all print material is getting fucking ziplocked to hell)

Toying with the idea of putting up 'will do art/card readings for $$ to help move' posts on Dreamwidth and Tumblr.

Feeling better but still full of so much anxiousness.

Here goes.


Oct. 11th, 2012 11:13 pm
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I have heard "this is the final push of cleaning" seven times in one hour this evening.

It does not encourage me if you repeat this.

At least not tonight.

If you're using this phrase to refer to the next ten minutes, and still going on after the time limit has passed for your previous statement to be correct, SAYING IT AGAIN DOES NOT MAKE IT HAPPEN FASTER.

...on that note, just please, kick Martin in the SHINS the next time he asks me to lift something. My back already wants to murder him.

I am going to sleep.

And tomorrow I will scrap more metal and take ALL OF THE BOOZE FROM THE HOUSE.


Jun. 23rd, 2012 01:16 pm
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All that drama earlier this week and barely anything sells that we prepped the HELL out of.

only a handful of things sold that were meant for rummage, almost all the antiques we had on display sold but my idiot brothers undersold EVERY SINGLE ONE.

When you set a minimum price STICK TO IT.

Debating what to do with myself now, since I've been freed from duty at the table.
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So Martin, brother-responsible-for-my-health-insurance-issue, is back on the ball and totally willing to help me out there.

The other brother Morgan? I get home to hear his plans for completely clearing out the house by labor day this year. I don't mean clearing out the junk, getting mom's stuff taken care of, cleared out.

I mean everyone and everything out of the house.

He's not going to stop pushing for this, and he even got Martin breaking in emotion over that because there is no WAY we can do this. Not with our jobs, finding a new place to live, consolodating our stuff, going through all of mom's things...

I just..

Not even getting the first part of my Bordertown Grand Prize today is going to put a dent in this.
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Thanks to the brother of idiocy who could not fucking figure out how to write a letter and get it witnessed and dated, I am without health insurance.
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Mom is intibated, there's a machine helping her to breathe, but thanks to her meds she wasn't awake during any hour of today. Still I think she knew I was there chattering softly and babbling about the powerpuff girl kimono. She's been put onto dialysis, the low blood pressure variation because thanks to other meds her kidneys aren't functioning 100%, and the docs want it higher before they go draining the abscess in her abdomen. We'll know more tomorrow and the current motto is this much: No news at this point is good news.

Also have been informed 4 times now that this sort of hospial merry-go round is common the first year after transplant.

Been running from about 5:30 am today on about 3 hours of sleep (eff you too body, stupid wound up nervous wreck). Had a great lunch and a lovely dinner at an italian and a 'greek' family place. Worth noting not getting drinks at the family place again, or their veggies. Bleh. Good ribs though! Also worth noting that little brother seems to have eaten the humility boot, and said I was handling today pretty well (other brother, martin, the one I live with who doesn't try to chew out my hear, was very emotional for him).

Going to take bath now.

Tomorrow will be better with sleep and the punk she-hulk outfit.

Ta, and I love all of you guys for keeping mom in your thoughts and prayers lately.


Mar. 16th, 2012 09:28 pm
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One last massive update on mom before I go to bed.

She's stabilizing in the local ICU, and sometime tomorrow Loyola will be picking her up with a helicopter/flight for life, once a room in their Chicago Hospital opens up. Mom is being mom, and sadly that means that instead of getting rest to recover, rebuild her mineral levels and get her temperature back down...

Well. She's got tubes in everywhere and iv lines and oxygen going. By morning she's going to be a bit more lucid since she isn't horribly hellish feverish. (104 when she got in and by 4 pm same day it was only just getting under 100).

Right after this I am taking two sleeping pills so I get a full night's sleep. I have been running today on maybe 1 hour of sleep.

Night, love you all, and please keep mom in your thoughts as we're not out of the woods yet.
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shit. shit. shit.

Mom is getting rushed to Loyola by Ambulance.

The lung is rejecting.


May. 25th, 2011 10:04 am
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Not ten minutes ago I was asleep in bed and groggily dreaming about talking on the phone with mom as usual for the morning routine.

Right on the dot, at 10 am, mom calls as my usual wake up call. Except she's calling from her cellphone.

She's got a call at 7am this morning.

There's a possible lung transplant in Chicago.

And that's all they know and she's almost there right now.


No need sleepz now kthnx.

Well poo.

May. 24th, 2011 10:22 pm
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So, my brother was over playing for a european football league in Austria. Keyword. Was. See he's not going to get paid now. The team had a contract that was mostly about them helping set up and take down concert equipment when there weren't any games on. Cashyano.

Except that contract has fallen through for the team.

And Martin's over there, trying to get hoops jumped to transfer to another team in a different country with a Visa but gods only know if that'll work.

So he might be flying back home and here as early as next week.

This sucks for him, because he is not getting paid and I have no doubt that when he gets home he will be in a seriously foul mood.

Which means cleaning. On top of the yardwork and the 12hr shift job about to start.


I might not have much free time this week.
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Okay, emergency state of the fuzzy address.

Sine 1996 my mom has been diagnosed with Alpha 1 Antitripsin Disorder (google it, PLEASE.) which is a degenerative lung condition, and for the past 7 years she's been on oxygen.

For the past 3 years she's been jumping through every hoop with the transplant coordinator for a lung transplant. Today, while we were staying as a vacation at a friend's house and finishing up lunch, she got a Call.

There's a single right lung in Chicago.

This is mixed news, they haven't YET gotten the crossmatching done for her bloodtype and the donor's yet. 15-75 minutes away from that little nugget of news. A single lung isn't good because her other bad lung will likely keep expanding and push the new one out, decreasing her odds of survival (not to mention she'll be banned for life from pomegranates and grapefruits due to the medications she'll be taking after the transplant).

We're actually praying it isn't a match but we're going to have to go down to Chicago anyways just in case.

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In memory of family and friends who have lost the battle with cancer; and in support of the ones who continue to conquer it! Post this on your LJ if you know someone who has or had cancer.
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Mom's coming to 'help clean' her room.

...God I should start with the whiskey shots now because it's going to be pulling TEETH to get her to throw some things away.
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Right, some time ago Mom said her friend would be coming by to fix the house in SEPTEMBER.

I get a phone call today about how he's showing up THIS wedensday this week to fix many things in the house and will be staying with us for a few days.

I should have know. When Mom says 'dinner will be served at noon' means 'dinner will be served about 3pm' so when she said 'September' she obviously mean two months later.

I'm kind of happy we're getting the stove and the oven fixed, but she's just now talking about replacing other things in the house. Things that I know will take more than just a few days.


Jul. 21st, 2009 08:42 pm
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Both brothers have been home, and are out elsewhere.

I am vacating the premises for the evening and will likely spend the night away from the house and computer in an attempt to avoid a conflict and bitchfest.

I know this sounds really weak, but that's just it. I can't deal with them both saying that 'you could be doing so much better, why don't you get your ass in gear?" "you don't know what work IS" and various other topics for which I have no defense and barely scrape by with on my saving roll against breaking down, having a fit, or screaming at either of them.

I know they're both doing a lot better than I am at life.

Reminding me of this doesn't help me get out of the hole I've dug myself into.


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