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Finances are in the dire straights and since a regular wage job won't be likely until January. I'd really like to keep surviving, and even if funds go poo, I'm going to need $$ to move to a cheaper place.

Of course MORE things have come up, raising my goals for funds yet again. Here goes!

Banging the Tin Can


$1 per card, max 7 card spread

I'll do a personal reading for you based on your question or request, drawing from the Brian Froud Fairie Oracle deck.


$5 For a Sketch

$10 For Brush-inked

$20 For Basic Coloring


$5 Single-color simple 3-inch patch on denim or Felt. Simple, as in simple shape, symbol or sigil if you like magical workings. If you would like a phrase or a prayer, please keep it under 20 characters for legibility's sake. $5 for each extra color. 50 slots available

$10 Single Color simple 5-inch patch on denim or Felt. Simple, as in simple shape, symbol or sigil if you like magical workings, though at this size you get more leeway. If you would like a phrase or a prayer, please keep it under 35 characters for legibility's sake. $7 for each extra color. 20 slots available

$25 Doodle-patch grab-bag. You get three patches, most of which will be 3 inches, unhemmed, and very, very random with multiple colors, various stitches and fabrics. There will be some larger ones and some slightly smaller hemmed ones, as well as the chance to score a velvet patch. There is a limited supply of these, and once they are gone it's going to be a while before the pool fills again. Only 9 of these currently available.

$50 Customized Punk Vest. Comes with two 3 inch patches, or your choice of back logo in one color. $10 for each extra color. No real limits on letters or symbols, if you wanna go big, go here. Vests will be cannibalized from Thrift Stores, sterlized and re-shaped. This one will need body dimensions to make sure it fits. 5 slots available

$100 3 color, 12x8 Biker patch, on denim only. $25 for each extra color, price includes my designing the patch's layout and shape. 5 slots available

$400 The unbelieveable dream. I will do a wonderous Wall hanging for you 18 inches wide and at least three feet long on denim (or your preferred fabric. I can make a visit to a store for this). You choose the subject matter, and medium is the only limit. This will take minimum of three weeks to create. =ONLY= 3 slots available

First goal: $550!I will write each backer a haiku or limerick based on their personal choice of subject matter. Because it is the least I can do for anyone who has helped me pay medical bills, dental bill, put food on my table and gas in my tank.

Second Stretch Goal: $800 If this goal is met, every backer/supporter will recieve a metallic sigil ATC card along with their purchase! Because at this level, I can afford better eats and kitty treats for my therapy cat, along with everything else. AND NOT BE BROKE AT YULIMAS! Or perhaps the costs of moving out of this leeching apartment.

Estimated delivery dates for any backings above $25 will be in January-March 2015, because between holidays and many other things, time will be at a premium.
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The job-hunt has been entirely unsuccessful and according to several of the places I have applied, I would have better luck trying again in the New Year. Seeing as that's a month away, it's the Yulmas season, and after checks for my rent and utilities go through tomorrow I will have $9 left in my checking account.

I still need to pay for the final bedbug check-over ($150) and make it through this month and into the next. The office has a security deposit for 3 months rent, which I will be asking about tomorrow. I don't know what it'd take to get me through this month seeing as I need to go to the psychiatrist ($75 and up for an appt) to get insomnia medication still.

I still have things to deal with from mom's will and savings accounts, but those take time and energy. Given that I've only got time with no job currently, it's more a matter of energy and understanding legal puuduu.


So. What I've got is a bunch of blank ATC cards, denim, felt, hand embroidery tools, and a deck of Faerie Oracle cards.

Trying to figure out reasonable pricing won't be too difficult, and I think that a $450 1st goal is not too shabby. Stretch goals might be in the $700 range and we'll just keep going up from there.

Galdang I am so tired right now.
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I reported the finding and biting from a bedbug infestation on Monday. Thursday a pest control company was spraying the eaves of the roofs for all of the buildings in the complex. I kind of doubt such an ineffective method was the response from the work-order and Managerial Staff, but I can't reach them for comment until Monday.

I'm really, really sick of how fucked up everything is right now.

If I don't get a response next week, I'm going to have to take some drastic measures. Plastic bagging every article of clothing, tin-foiling all of my books, and bleach scrubbing anything else that is water-proof but not heat-resistant. And calling my own damn exterminator.

If it comes to that I'll have to beg, but the orders will be on a sterilization hold. Once all fabric and floss get the all clear, I'd be starting work. Which'd be a huge freaking delay.
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Alms, alms for someone in buggered straits?

Time to put what few skills I have to work.

Oracle Card readings!

$1 Will get you a 1-card draw!

$5 Will recieve a 3-card, with up to 3 more cards if anything requires a little more depth!


What is a fan-patch? Think of your favorite tv show, book, comic or subject matter. For a reasonable price, I can hand-embroider a patch displaying the love you have for any subject (within reason. Anyone asking for NSFW will be declined automatically) onto a piece of denim or felt, suitable for wearing about.

Size options!

$15: A 2-color 3" diameter patch with text will be handsewn and mailed to whatever address you desire

$30: 3-color 5" diameter patch with text and/or stylized image of subject material (Whovians get a Tardis, Trekkies get a comm badge, you get the picture)

$55: Hand of Fatima 4 colors with a random precious stone or glass bead, a good luck charm! (includes shipping for inside the US)


$98: 5-color 12"x7" biker-style back-patch (denim only). Exactly as it sounds. You know those patches bikers have on the back of their jackets? Well, that's what this'd be, except it may be a crest of sonic screwdrivers, or phasers, or your personal motto. (Includes shipping $)

Examples include:

cloth events 010



Comments will be screened for privacy, once you comment, I'll reply with my paypal address.


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