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....reading over old entries from 8 years ago and just crying a little bit. Some of it good, some of it sore like an old scar you can't help but pick at.

For what may be the fifth or sixth time in four years I'm moving again, while unemployed. I have savings to make the move and signed the lease, so that's not the worry.

There's good things in here as well, like how I finally figured out what that form of Japanese saschiko-like embroidery for the fishing kimono was. It's called Boro and I love it and hate the fact that the folks who do the work for it aren't paid NEARLY what it's worth in the art galleries.

I've both grown as a person and in knowledge but also...have way less energy.
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a) It is 8 am and currently 85 degrees outside with a 99% humidity.
b) there is but one thing and that one thing doesn't even take the time needed that'd pay for my gas out there and can wait.

Thus, I am staying inside, and rolling up Magical Girl stats from the Magical Burst RPG.

...Puella Magi Madoka Magica looks like it might be my sort of crack.

Character one

name: Setsuna

magical girl name: Pretty Star

what kind of girl: puppy

what convinced her to make a contract: I can't let my friend fight alone

wish: I wish to have my family back

magical element: Joy

magical power: resourceful purse

magical weapon: Cannon

costume: angel wings, kanji, school swimsuit

crisis: "One day I started going about my usual routine, but every-one was convinced that I had died the day before."

tsukaima(magical familiar): A friendly living doll with a jewel in it's forehead

(game in development here )

...yes i rolled this up just to draw a magical girl.
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Figure out what kinds are there waiting to be here.

Size and appraise them well.

Let them name themselves.

And don't forget to get the bakers dozen of other thoughts.


Jul. 16th, 2010 04:37 pm
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Hokay, plz muse, I know you liked doing the random even package for [ profile] wanderlustlover but could you reign in the need to make minishrines for a bit.

...Yes. Lil altar cloths for the minishrines might be a good idea. Except they'd be too expensive for the size and no one would want them.
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...should I do a food blog?

Main reasons I haven't started one, outside of posting a few recipes here, are these.

1) (biggest issue) ...I don't measure during my cooking experiments. Not accurately anyway. sure I'll base most of the experiments off of a recipe I might find online or specifically look up. Like Tempura. or Risotto. From there I just start messing around and it doesn't SEEM that origional or creative to me.

2) Other Foodie Blogs. They do food blogging a HELL of a lot better, with lovely photos and strange fruits. I wanna try a kiwano melon damnit. I see them so often in the foodie blogs from the west coast. I know wisconsin has some artisian cheeses and heritage fruits growing here, but usually they're way out of my price bracket.

3) I go squueeeeeeeeeeOMNOMNOM on my experiments and forget more often that I actually write about them in here. I haven't kept track of how many bentos I've done, but it's probably up in the hundreds by now. At least 200.

So. Thoughts?

If there are at least 5 comments by 8pm central time, I'll post the fried spinach chicken rolls recipe.
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Tonight, it was a baaad trip at work.

My co-worker on the salad stationc alled in sick. Now for those of you who've worked foodservice, you know what tonight was.

Holiday weekend.

Even with help, it's a clusterfuck.

Tonight was no exception, the morning people didn't prep half of what I needed right. So.

We ran out of damn near everything.

I do mean everything, pizza crusts, chicken, mussels, bison steaks...

Out of it.

So it surprised me, myself, when with 2 hours left of this madness (it turned into 3 hours. hate late diners with a passion I does) I started singing...

"Oh I wish I were at Dragon*Con!
Where I know the scene is fair!
I wish I were at Dragon*con,
you know what I'd see there?

Ghostbusters and Stormtroopers!
Marching down the road!
Loli-goths and Crossdressers
frolicking by the load!

Oh I wish I were at Dragon*Con
Where they have conditioned-aire!
I wish I were at Dragon*con,
To see my fellows there.

In the gaming halls, and along the walls
rolling 'bones' for luck,
Cosplayers the nooks and changing rooms,

Oh I wish I were at Dragon*con
I know I'd be happier there.
I wish I were at dragon*con,
instead of work with dough in my hair.

I'd see the panels wide and small,
get sigs from those I adore
Watch anime, and sci-fi shows,
and tonight'd be the costume ball!

Oh I wish I were at Dragon*con
I miss the sights I'd see.
I wish I could be at Dragon*con.
That's where I'd rather be.

Instead of stuck here double-shift,
cause of a worker who lost her lunch,
the customers are having fits,
And I'm stuck with this boring bunch.

I wanna be at dragon*con,
stead of working the weekend here,
I suppose I'll just have to save my pay,
so I can go NEXT year."

various verses were altered and this is only a fragmented memory of what I sang at work tonight.

...It kept me sane enough to get home.

Edit to the first: remembered these as I was calming down.

Y'ALL'd be safer there,
Y'all wish I were I dragon*con,
instead of near knives and going spare!
For this customer's a real winner,
as you all can see,
he's gone and ordered five more pizzas,
when we served him the last three!"

"Now you've all got your aprons,
and the waitresses are standing by.
So if you all just turn your heads,
you'll have an alibi."

"Now I'm a reasonable fuzzy,
at least to some degree,
but is this fucker doesn't shut up,
instead of two breathing holes, he'll be having -three-."
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What defines punk, indie, goth or any subculture.. I'm mean just now I'm thinking about their philosophy summed up in a sentence, Bohemian culture would be to revel in every extreme and everything is a shared experience..or so I'm told.

Punk culture is a culture of freedom, self exploration and DIY (do it yourself) ethics.

Indie rock culture is about irony, mild self mockery and I'm not quite sure quite what the ethics are..

maybe I'm just tossing generalizations around. too many comics read today. ...mostly questionable content.


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