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Because today's work was nothing but pasta. Roughly 210 orders of pasta, ravioli, angel hair and fettucini combined.

I'mma have a cuppa noodles since right now that's all my stomach will likely take, and a hot bath.
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- finish 10 plush toys by 8pm.
- If toys get completed before 4pm, use extra time to work on scroll art
- If scroll gets completed (unlikely) refabric and start on moar tiny altar clothes


- Donate, while donating also sketch book cover ideas
-Mail toys to designated target
- Do book cover on computer


- If book cover is not complete FINISH THAT NOW
- Work on altar clothes and scroll frame

-Work on altar cloths
- Set up tiny altar supplies
-Work on art patches


- Donate, sketch art patches ideas
- Work on more art patches
- If finished with patches SCAN EVERYTHING.
-Make Mini ritual tins full of stuff.

Well poo.

May. 24th, 2011 10:22 pm
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So, my brother was over playing for a european football league in Austria. Keyword. Was. See he's not going to get paid now. The team had a contract that was mostly about them helping set up and take down concert equipment when there weren't any games on. Cashyano.

Except that contract has fallen through for the team.

And Martin's over there, trying to get hoops jumped to transfer to another team in a different country with a Visa but gods only know if that'll work.

So he might be flying back home and here as early as next week.

This sucks for him, because he is not getting paid and I have no doubt that when he gets home he will be in a seriously foul mood.

Which means cleaning. On top of the yardwork and the 12hr shift job about to start.


I might not have much free time this week.


Nov. 10th, 2010 02:06 pm
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Just cleaned for an hour and a half. filled three shopping bags with trash Iiiii think I've earned a little time out and about.

Honestly though? I just wanna cuppa tea. Mnh. Nearest tea/coffee place is too far, and bars are not the happy places.

Going to work on altar space and must find the nails so I can hang up my latest goodwill acquistions. Got some shadowboxes for a buck each and I think they'll make wonderful wall-altar spaces.
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Dear body,

Yeh I know we woke up feeling like crap, and we still went to work anyway. At least we got more stuff done so it won't be as BAD tomorrow. You know We're going to end up working with Captain GiantDouche tomorrow afternoon, and for the next two days after that. If we manage to get through all of the next 2-3 days, we'll get to sleep then sweetie.

We can't strangle him this year either, however he got hired, he's still the only worker who shows up on time, despite how lazy an ass he is.

Love Me.

PS: I made us that curry stew we love for dinner tonight, i'll pick up some raisins to toss into it tonight to finish it off.
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13 hour shift inna kitchen with no AC.

On four hours of sleep.

I'mma just go nap now, but this update was brought to you by the fact that I realized I had to let out a station signal before I disappeared.
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I have new rant fodder for a new Newt's-eye View letter.

...for those who missed them the first time around...

One, two, three, and four

All were comics done for the old harvesters comm. Which is dead but the comics are still funny.

I think it'll go something like this

Dear Spazmom,

I understand that you've been waiting for your food.

It's taken a while to get done I'll grant you that but first several things that you need to take into account before you start screaming at the staff about how you've been waiting an hour for your food and alllll your little kids are screaming and hungry.

One: You were the last group to arrive after all other 10 tables at the tiki area filled up, each with 6 people to a table roughly. Your waitress told you it was going to be a while.

Two: You do NOT come into the kitchen to scream at the staff, or to scream at the waitstaff who are only trying to get everything done.

Three: I saw your kids, who were REMARKABLY more well behaved than you, and not screaming. they may have been fussing and anxious to explore the area but certainly not throwing tantrums or starving.

Four, and I think this is the most important one... LOOK AT THE CLOCK YOU GODDAMN BINT. You sat down at 12:10 pm. You food got to you at 12:35.

We have photographic proof and the tickets with timestubs for evidence.


Shut up, take your food, pay the bill, and leave us over-worked cooks out of your little PMS routine.

---A Baking Gypsy

Several comments from my coworkers.

On her four kids "It's not my damn fault she can't keep her legs closed."

On her Attitiude "Lady, I don't know what form of crazy you have but keep the hell away from me, it might be contageous."

On her time-sense. "...Who wants to take bets that this lady's on the good mommy's little helper?"
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Okay. Coworker who doesn't know that i want to drop the conversation about having children.

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A sign that I have been rolling out way too many ravioli for work every week when my waking thought is that 'oh that was a nice dream about a new filling for the ravioli'.

For those who don't know, I roll out an average of about 60 orders a week.
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the first use of the kitchen bitchin' tag, for future use, it's a reference to what sort of exercise I've gained in the kitchen on a given day.

today's efforts: 72 muffins, 3 3x4 foot sheet trays of lemon kringle, and 39 orders of homemade ravioli rolled (one order is eight pieces.)

the ravioli took 7 hours with the hand crank pasta roller.

I think my right arm will start it's lawsuit sometime soon.
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In an attempt to lose some weight, I picked up doing daily bentos as a way of eating healthier.

It's not quite cutting it because I cheat sometimes. So just now I was trying to find an online food calorie calculator so I can better plan my meals.

However, none of them have a listing for Frittata.

It's one of my leftover remakes that is cheap, nutritious and fairly low-cal (I think) if I omit cheese. But actually no online calculator actually HAS frittata in the system.


Still have to watch myself at work and not eat any friggin scraps.

Vote for a tag to use for dieting: Dark Matter, killing the freshman 30, youtube and die (a reference to a threat made while trying Wii Fit. NO ONE will youtube me exercising on that if they value anything).

Suggestions welcome. Packing lunch anyways and heading to bed now.

Menu for lunch: 1.5 cups of marinara pasta frittata with spinach, 1/2 cup raspberries, 1 cup steamed asparagus, 1 cup apple slices in a bed of green lettuce. Also little bottle of balsamic dressing for veg and frittata.

Breakfast: 1 lite yogurt and a handful of almonds.
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Well, I stopped in today on the way back from the Sheboygan (awesome animal book filled) library. It was a whim to check in on everyone here, including many of my favorite people EVER. (Stephanie and Zeke, both of whom could be said outrank me, but are both awesomesauce people who I admire, and do not read this blog!)

Anyhow, I came in, for a quick nibble and think, and to my surprise, Zeke comes out of the kitchen and asks if I want to take up doing all the baking instead of running the line. I said yes, but wasn't that Steph's job? (last 8 summers running) He said this was a paln between him and Steph. I plan to check facts before hanging around Steph for training.

What it'll mean is that I cannot be a late night girl anymore. I'd have to be in by 6 am (or earlier). The nicer news is that I'd be out by 4 pm most days except for banquets. Mild pay raise possible. We're cutting down on staff this summer, which is no surprise at all. I didn't see Mike at all here in a few weeks, and when he was here he was mostly ah... ...appliance-like.

And not in the toaster sense.

This should be interesting!

Also, I swear to god I wanna eat the chef's special to heck tonight. Everything in here smells delicious, except for the humans.


Jul. 19th, 2009 12:23 am
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Stick a fork in me, I'm done.

Today's events at work went less than happily as our third salad worker for the big weekend fell and managed to hit her head, her shoulderblades, and her tailbone on the steps from the back pantry area. The poor girl is fine, but it couldn't have happened at a better time, 2 hours before opening with a ton of prep left to go.

We did make it through the night, but not after Jesse decided he HAD to let in another 70 on top of the 200 we'd already gone through.

Everything in the station is down to bare scrapings, save for the desserts.

Also fortuitous, I switched shifts with Shan (girl who got hurt) for tomorrow, so she'll get a day of rest that she'll need. She's promised to sub in for one of my shifts if I ever want off to go to a concert or something.

Right now, after 11 hours of work, I'm going to take a hot bath and then get to bed.

Slightly better news? Jesse's mistakes resulted in a lot of duplicated menu items that we noshed on.


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