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I've kept in touch with the other residents of my apartment complex about the BedBug Problem. It was the prudent thing to do since I also warned them that I had found them. Last month they finally got their chemical treatments, from a company different than the one I hired and didn't have to pay for the treatments.

Yesterday I emailed the landlord to ask if I could have some of my pest control bill compensated and recieved this fine email in response, along with a 5 day notice.


To say I'm pissed would be a severe understatement. Also terrified and exhausted enough as it is and I think this landlord is a shitfucker. If I'm lucky he doesn't know what dreamwidth is but it needs to be said. I'm not stupid enough to say it on facebook.
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Well, looks like I'm NOT the only tenant who has had to deal with the bedbug problem. Every apartment on the second floor of this building has gotten treated, but I don't know about the first floor. I'm getting the hell out of here somehow.

Edit: Camwyn has great macro-fu

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The exterminators have sprayed my apartment AND gotten my mattress into an encasement to prevent more bedbug issues. In two weeks they will visit again to spray for the newly hatched nymphs and such, finishing the cycle by spraying again a week from now. WOOOOOOT.

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Yesterday I got the inspection scheduled for my apartment. The examination with trained beagle comes tomorrow morning, so today I've got to try contacting the Tenant Rights group of Wisconsin.

Edit: just called, left a message on their machine, and have no idea how to navigate the phone tree at the clerks office.

Calling to report scares me but it must be done...

Anyone know who might be the ones to call?
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I reported the finding and biting from a bedbug infestation on Monday. Thursday a pest control company was spraying the eaves of the roofs for all of the buildings in the complex. I kind of doubt such an ineffective method was the response from the work-order and Managerial Staff, but I can't reach them for comment until Monday.

I'm really, really sick of how fucked up everything is right now.

If I don't get a response next week, I'm going to have to take some drastic measures. Plastic bagging every article of clothing, tin-foiling all of my books, and bleach scrubbing anything else that is water-proof but not heat-resistant. And calling my own damn exterminator.

If it comes to that I'll have to beg, but the orders will be on a sterilization hold. Once all fabric and floss get the all clear, I'd be starting work. Which'd be a huge freaking delay.
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Or maybe not enough, because haven't updated this in a while. August was too much fun of a month, where for three weeks I was struggling to get internet, got into a car crash, and dealt with getting the apartment into my name, along with the bills.

The first only relates to the rest in the sense that I was unable to communicate during the exact moments of these things taking place.

As far as the car crash goes, I didn't hit anybody else's car. I passed out at the wheel for half a second on a twisty bit of resort road and hit a tree. I know I'm lucky to be alive, even if I'm still recovering from that. Many thanks go to Camwyn, for sending me the much-needed and still in use re-useable ice packs. Recovery is fun.

However, for the past two weeks I've been getting random bug bites showing up on my arms and legs. At first I attributed them to mosquitoes, having to walk or ride everywhere does tend to increase your exposure to the less savory aspects of the outdoors. Especially in summer, when it's hot and muggy and all the insects are fucking hatching left and right.

However...lately I've noticed new ones showing up in the morning. Little red itchy clusters of different bites, grouped together. Just a few moments ago, I found an odd bug crawling off of me and squashed it.

I should not find red in a squashed bug. Finding that sort of bug in my bedroom, several hours after I've been outside, is rather alarming, especially given that it wasn't shaped at all like a tick.

I know that I should not Google things at 2-oh-fuck-you-clock in the morning.

I think I've got bedbugs.


How the fsck did I get bedbugs???


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