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...on this day in 1950, Johanna M. Schwalbe was born in Rome, Georgia. Her father and mother were both teachers, Jack Schwalbe teaching engineering and machine shop, Nina Schwalbe teaching English and Home Economics.

I could fill in the rest of the details between that day and today, but the important thing is this. I'd rather honor the day my mother entered the world, than spend a day weeping on the anniversary of when she left this mortal coil.

Every year, if I have the funds to do so, I make a donation to the Alpha-1 Foundation.

This year, is probably the first time I've actually be able to be coherent enough to talk about it and actually do the deed exactly on the date in question.

I guess this is what's called progress.
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....reading over old entries from 8 years ago and just crying a little bit. Some of it good, some of it sore like an old scar you can't help but pick at.

For what may be the fifth or sixth time in four years I'm moving again, while unemployed. I have savings to make the move and signed the lease, so that's not the worry.

There's good things in here as well, like how I finally figured out what that form of Japanese saschiko-like embroidery for the fishing kimono was. It's called Boro and I love it and hate the fact that the folks who do the work for it aren't paid NEARLY what it's worth in the art galleries.

I've both grown as a person and in knowledge but also...have way less energy.
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I am now 70% moved into the new place in Sheboygan and wow have I really let myself slide on updating things since I got stuck in the ass-end of no-where Wisconsin.

Fun thing, the meat-packing plant job let me go after 4 days, saying "You don't seem to be a good fit for our company". Not actually to my face, I heard this through the temp service via phone call about 20 minutes after leaving work on the 4th day. Suffice to say I was not happy, even less happy when a few weeks later Aunt Kate went to ask them WHY I was let go. *Facepalm* Curious does not mean invasive with most people, but with that woman I swear.... Strike one.

Apparently I "Did not soak up new information fast enough" and "chased people out of the breakroom with farting". Those were Kate's words and probably not what the lead supervisor said, because my business with them ended the moment they terminated my contract with them.

On the topic of the puppy situation, she has gotten leash trained and regularly goes out on walkies with Aunt Kate who is absolutely smitten with her. Kate has fallen out with the dog rehabilitator for not bringing the dog in for examination over in Iowa. By falling out I mean Kate won't listen to any experts now, save for the ones who've written books or made audiobooks about the subject of dogs. Strike Two!

I think in the heaviest of topics that need to be updated, this recent Labor Day I did NOT get to pack everything up and go down to Sheboygan as previously planned, but instead had to suffer through Aunt Kate's attempts to get someone to come by and fix the water heater on the RV for free. Which was followed by her saying that we 'needed to have an important talk' over a good dinner somewhere. (it ended up being this faux-wildwoods restaurant called ADVENTURES, believe me they want the name capitalized) She didn't hint about what the talk was going to be about so believe me when I say that I didn't believe what I was hearing at first. According to her, if I don't become self-sustaining in the next 3-5 years my family may take measures to have me declared 'incompetant' and sent into a group home for adults or possibly even institutionalized. I didn't take it well and started crying at the end of the meal as I lost both my appetite and my attention span during Kate's long-winded plans to get me a job that has a retirement fund.

Next day I wake up to find out I'd left my wallet at the grocery store the night before when I'd purchased a mix-n-match 6pack of beer for night time coping strategies. With three hours cut from an already re-arranged packing day I didn't get to load the dresser into the jeep with my clothes as had been previously planned. I landed in Sheboygan safely after a 6hr drive and promptly just stared at a wall for a while until my friend got done with her job and then took us out to eat, because according to her "You've had a shitty day yesterday and you need some happy." I love my friends, because not only do they give me a place to live, but her family wants to adopt me, and I feel at home.
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Today was a good day over all. I packed one large box, picked up six more apple boxes for packing, donated plasma to get $50, some scribbling was done at plasma donation (not much, one page. I used to fill more) and after all of that my brother Martin stopped by on a surprise visit, in which we shared ice cream and discussed various topics.

Me being the nervous wreck I am while moving, I did start crying a little when the topic of the old family lake cottage came up. There are so many memories there and at this moment I can do nothing while the aunties and uncles discuss selling it since they are too old to take care of it and most of the cousins are showing no interest in keeping it. So. Yeah. I can type it out and remain relatively rational (ha!) and then go onto other things. It just hurts and hollows me out.

After those talks about the move, it's costs, what I was doing about it, what kind of trailer rating does my hitch have and is good for... I need a reciever bolt and then I can get a hitch on it. Even though the people at U-haul said they'd rent me what I'd need to haul a trailer, Martin's advice is that I find a 2 inch receiver and save some money.

Also, during his visit, he gave some very good advice about the packing and stacking of what I'm bringing with me. Some of it, such as the "three bags" rule don't apply to crafters and artists, but the advice about the important stuff getting packed last into the trailer makes hella sense. This way it gets unloaded first, no fuss, no muss. Ofcourse more work was required to make such a space for organization happen. So much had to be lifted, moved and re-cleaned before he would accept it as a space to start laying out for how I will pack thins. Many items will end up in recycling, donated or thrown out. I am irritated and sad that I don't have a way to get all the liquor bottles I saved from my idiot neighbors over to the lady in Elkhart who turns them into wicked candle lanterns but such is life at this point.

I'm writing this now because I started babbling at a friend as soon as I got online, by Ptah's starry BALLS this in insane. I hate moving. I need to get out of here with the shitty apartment and the shitty neighbors though. Such is the life.

No embroidery was accomplished today.
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I really, really didn't want to resort to this, but I am in DIRE STRAITS at this point.

Guess what folks, NEW frelling expenses have popped up since the move, isn't that just how it goes. Except now with $40 to my checking account, I now need $260 in order to get the frelling $$$$ mom left in savings for me.

Why that number? Well as it turns out, my dear town of employment had a fine that I did not know about, which is not allowing me to renew my license until it is paid. Also, there's a fee for renewal and replacement of the ID so I am now at wits end for getting the $$ locally (my brothers are as broke as I am nearly).

Which brings me to the purpose of this post. I'm going to put up a few posts around the communities for crowdfunding with a special limited time offer.

From today until April 21, I will be offering out the options of fan patches, card readings and water color postcards.

I'll be posting those up later, but here's hoping I can get enough put together to get my money, pay rent and get a new driver's license.

I really, really dislike the cops in Elkhart Lake.
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Newton: Come on limpbody, y'gotta update your friends on this pile of crap

Fuzzy: Fuuuuuuhcking....

Newton: Yes, yes we KNOW about the swearing already dear.

Fuzzy: mmmngh. Fine. *sits up and drones*

Here's how it stands, I have 90% of my shit moved out from the old place, my bank account is fucking DRAINED (thank you friend Kelly for not informing how much gas that truck guzzles $150!!), I need to make my first month's rent and security deposit ($610) and my brother and Sue are doing the best they can to get the inheritance sorted out and I...

I'm staying with a friend until her lease with a shitty apartment complex is up. It's safer than Erycka's and I've got a pillow and sleeping bag nest I've been sleeping in here. Reason for sleeping here is that I've still got my dentist here and the prospect of a 44 mile drive to get to him to finish this dental work has zero fucking appeal.

Seriously FUCK THIS SHIT SO BLOO- *mic cuts out*

....right, that was about as far as we got before she started to just snarl.

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Hey all, your not-so-friendly mental satyr Newton taking over this news post while my house, named the Fuzzy's brain is going on a little frothing rage.

Not that I blame her at all. Holy fucking hell, with the month she's had, I'm surprised something hasn't burnt down already.

Tomorrow is the only day she gets access to a moving van you see, and today was the first day since leaving the palace of the crazy bitc- *ducks a thrown chair and watches someone breaking a great many things* ...eeeeigh. Right where was I.. oh yeah! Today was the first time since she NOPENOPENOPE'd her way from that residence.

And found that it hadn't been cleaned since she'd been there.

Let's just say she had a fun afternoon of taking everything that belonged to her down from the walls and part of the attic, shall we?

Oh and one of her brothers wants a fully itemized budget for her living expenses for the next month.

*sound of some very large fireworks being thrown into a fire pit with a snarling roar* BURRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRN!!!!

..........Right! I think that about wraps things up, I've got to apply some bourbon and xanax to this now. Then we'll see what happens when the Fuzzy sits down for some good anime.
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Staying with friend atm, so I am safe.

Currently have found a room for rent, that is CHEAPER AND CLEANER than the old place and already has one cat. My Louie will have a playmate.

My fines are paid off so all I need to do is renew my driving license and license plate. WHOO.

Working on a Budget for brothers to lend money from the inheritance (since a certain brother has been dragging his heels on that) for the expenses of finishing the dental work and living expenses until the end of summer. Whoooooo. Also it turns out the the reason for this taking so long is MORGAN DRAGGING HIS FEET.

Also going to be sending vital update info to work-friends and family to see who is available to help move. Non-essentials are going to the barn (all print material is getting fucking ziplocked to hell)

Toying with the idea of putting up 'will do art/card readings for $$ to help move' posts on Dreamwidth and Tumblr.

Feeling better but still full of so much anxiousness.

Here goes.
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You are an amazingly sweet goofball maine coon, even if you don't like being snuggled and attack my ankles if you think you are being ignored.

...but I will get you for creating the noises of a break-in with your rolling treats toy and one of the aluminum pie pans. I give you credit for being VERY creative, but abusing my nature as a light sleeper is not cricket. Don't. wake. me. at. 4am.

You're not so small I can't turn you into a nice rug for my room.

The big human who gives you chin rubs, salmon treats, and plays tag with you.

PS: it is totally okay if you jump onto the bed with me. If I didn't like you just a little, I'd keep the door shut on my room 24/7. Fluffy coconut fake bobcat.
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...will you stop spazzing over which outfit to wear tomorrow so we can pack for the trip?

I'll be packing all of my favorite things to wear in fall and it'll be NYC for the love of Sekhmet's crown. No one will give much a crap if I dress like i'm going to a convention, heck! There's probably five going on right now.

Please. Getta cuppa tea and chillax.


Oct. 11th, 2012 11:13 pm
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I have heard "this is the final push of cleaning" seven times in one hour this evening.

It does not encourage me if you repeat this.

At least not tonight.

If you're using this phrase to refer to the next ten minutes, and still going on after the time limit has passed for your previous statement to be correct, SAYING IT AGAIN DOES NOT MAKE IT HAPPEN FASTER.

...on that note, just please, kick Martin in the SHINS the next time he asks me to lift something. My back already wants to murder him.

I am going to sleep.

And tomorrow I will scrap more metal and take ALL OF THE BOOZE FROM THE HOUSE.
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Spent today getting items from Fondy, and sorting/organizing shit before moving it.

I am officially fucking pooped.

I'll try to get to my slowtimes and tags this weekend, but no promises.

(dangit I almost had half a brain to tag the Chimp Scientist with the Secret!Adult Gadget Hero)

*faceplants into bed*
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Hello funny humans, this is Newton the Satyr matriarch from Fuzzy's head. I'm making a public announcement as she is indisposed at the moment. The final tally after having spent 6 hours cleaning out her mother's room today...

38 bags of clothing for goodwill

5 boxes of clothes

4 copypaper boxes of BOOKS.

2 clear rubbermaid totes of linens and wool blankets

4 rubbermaid totes of fabric for the memory quilts

$1237 in mom's top drawer.

Furniture at this time is not being counted. It will be tallied at a later date.

This covers all expressions.


*incoherent babbling and frothing*

Excuse me, I need to go sedate her again before we take her to someplace to decompress.


Jun. 23rd, 2012 01:16 pm
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All that drama earlier this week and barely anything sells that we prepped the HELL out of.

only a handful of things sold that were meant for rummage, almost all the antiques we had on display sold but my idiot brothers undersold EVERY SINGLE ONE.

When you set a minimum price STICK TO IT.

Debating what to do with myself now, since I've been freed from duty at the table.


Jun. 17th, 2012 03:05 am
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after having gone to bed at 11pm with exhaustion from spending 8 long hours cleaning the kitchen counters of all items into spotlessness (including all of the breakfast nook, under it and outward a good five feet...)

I woke up at 3 am, having a freak out at all empty everything is starting to look again. From a nice warm slumber that I can not seem to return to right now.

...really can't wait until I get evaluated at the head shrinker in a couple of weeks.
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About paring down to only the stuff you'll use during the next four months.

About doing only the things that won't mess up the house for the next four months.

God DAMNIT. I am so sick of cleaning and sorting by now and there's still more to do!

I'd like to make jams this year from the stuff I'll be foraging, I'd like to have stuff stocked up for the colder winter months! But the sad damned reality is that I won't be able to if i'm moving soon.
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Thursday: a) early morning donation, bleh.
b) pick up these things at the stores
=#= Stickers for pricing during rummage sale day - keep receipts.
=#= fixings for dinner, chicken stew again?
=#= treat self to nice lunch damnit.

c)Go through art center and sewing center in basement, see what can be sold off/want to keep


Friday: a) bring swimming suit to work, along with necessary items for swimming

b) make use of the pools/lake for cardio

c) use shower at work instead of home

d) if possible, see Avengers again to restore mental spoon count. or MIIIB

Saturday: A)Prepare to go through and price/label fucktons of items and store them at office

B) Let Noreen take me out somewhere GOOD. Will need to restore SAN points (because cam's lord should have mine)

C) Try to EP someone in Milliways or Mixed_Muses

D) Write more of the cont. 'My journal of bordertown'

E) Write more notes/vignettes for Tourmaline's world

F) Write Chunks for the magical girl story from highschool. WE CAN DO THIS.


May. 11th, 2012 02:39 pm
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Mostly vacation!

Not quite mostly harmless, but near enough to that. From September to as late as mid-november I would like to be travelling the US and meeting people. This is going to be part work and mostly pleasure. I need to get out of Wisconsin, and see if I can survive living in places other than my hometown. I

The basic plan is to start with Portland (where they've got LOTS of slowfood/artisan bakeries and art opportunites), move from place to place in the US in a counter-clockwise pattern, spend minimum 2 weeks in NYC for halloween, and then be home for thanksgiving.

So far the tenative plan is this. Oct: 10-17th=Portland, Oregon; Oct 17th-24 Washington DC/Maryland With Shinyhappygoth; Chinatown Bus to NYC, October 24th to Nov 7th, and then home on th 7th. The only immovable items are that I'm going to be visiting the Northern West coast first and that I WILL BE IN NEW YORK FOR HALLOWEEN DAMNIT.

This is where you, my friendslist and fellow Millicrackers come in. Do you want me to visit? Can you help me with some minor expenses? Do you know of any places that I might be able to move into? YOU CAN HELP

People who'd like me to visit, please, give your comments the PORT IN STORM (bold it if you're on LJ) and we'll see for how long, if when I can get in to see you.

Helping with minor expenses? Just what will be the minor expenses? Well, food for one, toiletries another, and paying my tracfone up for this entire spree is a very good plan I think. Comment with RUNNING MONEY in bold or in the subject line.

Apt and job hunting for culinary work in your area? If you'd want someone like me to move in there, comment with HULK SMASH PAVEMENT in your subject lines or in bold. Yes this is my own weird-ass take on pavement pounding for new things.

And if any of you guys decide to help out by finding cheap ways of travelling between destinations, omg I will draw silly things on the wacom tablet for you!


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