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Sooo... The place I was going to get hired at ran out of work (their director has promised the agents at the temp agency that the company WILL BE HIRING ME ON when more work arrives)...which led to everyone except half a skeleton crew (for running the factory) to being temporarily laid off before Memorial Day. This happened last week Thursday. There were other events related to that time and event, some of which people already know about. In the sense that they knew not to poke the nuclear bear.

For the past week I've been working at another factory through the same temp agency... Tomorrow, I will be calling them while on one of my breaks, to say that I will NOT be fucking continuing this bullshit of a week of 12 hr shifts in a place with no fucking fans worth a damn, while standing on my feet for all but 45 minutes of that 12 hour shift.

Right now my everything hurts, I have no energy to write any fiction or tag... and I have to get up at 3:30 am again tomorrow for another shift.

...I think everything below the navel is going to try to murder me in my sleep tonight.

I also suck at keeping on with updating this journal. Sorry.
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...cause Ion my wee laptop is in the shop once again, tahnkfully covered by my geeksquad tech support insurance.

and I'm buying a new computer. Well. New to me.

aaaand this coming Tuesday is my very first...root canal. Liquid diet, antibiotics and painkillers hoor- wait that not right.

Cam, I am greatly appreciating the ways you have VASTLY expanded my dictionary of cussing words. So very, very grateful. And if this turns out to be malware, I will find the large incontinent St. Bernard, and add in the Tibetan Mastiff trained to attack people who put out small fires.


Oct. 11th, 2012 11:13 pm
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I have heard "this is the final push of cleaning" seven times in one hour this evening.

It does not encourage me if you repeat this.

At least not tonight.

If you're using this phrase to refer to the next ten minutes, and still going on after the time limit has passed for your previous statement to be correct, SAYING IT AGAIN DOES NOT MAKE IT HAPPEN FASTER.

...on that note, just please, kick Martin in the SHINS the next time he asks me to lift something. My back already wants to murder him.

I am going to sleep.

And tomorrow I will scrap more metal and take ALL OF THE BOOZE FROM THE HOUSE.
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Sleep damnit!

I'm not taking the over-the-counter sleeping pill to get to sleep tonight.
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In an attempt to lose some weight, I picked up doing daily bentos as a way of eating healthier.

It's not quite cutting it because I cheat sometimes. So just now I was trying to find an online food calorie calculator so I can better plan my meals.

However, none of them have a listing for Frittata.

It's one of my leftover remakes that is cheap, nutritious and fairly low-cal (I think) if I omit cheese. But actually no online calculator actually HAS frittata in the system.


Still have to watch myself at work and not eat any friggin scraps.

Vote for a tag to use for dieting: Dark Matter, killing the freshman 30, youtube and die (a reference to a threat made while trying Wii Fit. NO ONE will youtube me exercising on that if they value anything).

Suggestions welcome. Packing lunch anyways and heading to bed now.

Menu for lunch: 1.5 cups of marinara pasta frittata with spinach, 1/2 cup raspberries, 1 cup steamed asparagus, 1 cup apple slices in a bed of green lettuce. Also little bottle of balsamic dressing for veg and frittata.

Breakfast: 1 lite yogurt and a handful of almonds.

Note to..

Sep. 20th, 2006 05:41 pm
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