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I have new rant fodder for a new Newt's-eye View letter.

...for those who missed them the first time around...

One, two, three, and four

All were comics done for the old harvesters comm. Which is dead but the comics are still funny.

I think it'll go something like this

Dear Spazmom,

I understand that you've been waiting for your food.

It's taken a while to get done I'll grant you that but first several things that you need to take into account before you start screaming at the staff about how you've been waiting an hour for your food and alllll your little kids are screaming and hungry.

One: You were the last group to arrive after all other 10 tables at the tiki area filled up, each with 6 people to a table roughly. Your waitress told you it was going to be a while.

Two: You do NOT come into the kitchen to scream at the staff, or to scream at the waitstaff who are only trying to get everything done.

Three: I saw your kids, who were REMARKABLY more well behaved than you, and not screaming. they may have been fussing and anxious to explore the area but certainly not throwing tantrums or starving.

Four, and I think this is the most important one... LOOK AT THE CLOCK YOU GODDAMN BINT. You sat down at 12:10 pm. You food got to you at 12:35.

We have photographic proof and the tickets with timestubs for evidence.


Shut up, take your food, pay the bill, and leave us over-worked cooks out of your little PMS routine.

---A Baking Gypsy

Several comments from my coworkers.

On her four kids "It's not my damn fault she can't keep her legs closed."

On her Attitiude "Lady, I don't know what form of crazy you have but keep the hell away from me, it might be contageous."

On her time-sense. "...Who wants to take bets that this lady's on the good mommy's little helper?"
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Alright, a fandom RP I'm in is doing a charity drive to help out the people of Haiti,


Post a comment to that link with a screencap of your donation, and what you want done.

And May all powers bless ya if you donate.
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Just doing a mini-comic about my addiction...

And just now I realized that you could probably trace the beginnings of that obsession back to my second year of college and my first exposure to sushi.

Anoush, I don't know if you have internets right now, or if you read this often, but my addiction to the japanese cutefood crack began with your kind action of giving me that leftover dragon roll from Nakashima's.

Someday I WILL return the favor.
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Sometimes, the brain will not let go of a concept.

In those cases, I need other people's help to form ideas and get them down to get my brain to let go of the damn thing.

In this case, I want to do a parody of all those dating-sim based romantic mangas, where the ratio of boys to a girl is 5-6 to 1. Harem mangas. Except with the heroine having some sense and stuck between groups of either gender and have the plot based on BENTO box competition.

...I'm stuck on the stereotypes though, and this probably makes me a weirdass for wanting to do it.




Any thoughts?
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Well as some of you who regularly watch this journal might notice, a few weeks ago I entered the 24-hr comic book challenge. I didn't make the full 24 pages that I had planned. Missed by about 7 pages. Goody for y'all is that you get to see what I did finish. and I kind of like this so it might get revised in the future.

They'll all be links since I don't want to flood your LJ's with images or make other people's modems die of congestive heart failure..

filler character sheet pages.


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