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Sooo... The place I was going to get hired at ran out of work (their director has promised the agents at the temp agency that the company WILL BE HIRING ME ON when more work arrives)...which led to everyone except half a skeleton crew (for running the factory) to being temporarily laid off before Memorial Day. This happened last week Thursday. There were other events related to that time and event, some of which people already know about. In the sense that they knew not to poke the nuclear bear.

For the past week I've been working at another factory through the same temp agency... Tomorrow, I will be calling them while on one of my breaks, to say that I will NOT be fucking continuing this bullshit of a week of 12 hr shifts in a place with no fucking fans worth a damn, while standing on my feet for all but 45 minutes of that 12 hour shift.

Right now my everything hurts, I have no energy to write any fiction or tag... and I have to get up at 3:30 am again tomorrow for another shift.

...I think everything below the navel is going to try to murder me in my sleep tonight.

I also suck at keeping on with updating this journal. Sorry.


Apr. 4th, 2014 01:04 pm
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Right, even after my brother drove me to the Elkhart Lake police office to pay the fine in person yesterday there were no available officers to take care of things (they were either liason-ing at the highschool or doing interviews for help come summer.)

Now since I was assured that the amount was $210, I paid that in cash through a bailbonds envelope in their drop box. Anyone who thinks I have an hour to spare waiting for these people is really, really thinking wishfully since that's how long it took me to GET TO THEIR BUILDING. There was no frelling option for online payment with them.

First thing I check is to see that the fines register as having been 'paid' this morning.

Guesssssss whaaaat....

They weren't and five calls have been left since this morning at their office.

All I'm saying is that unless several people have mysteriously and spontaneously combusted over in Elkhart Lake, THIS SHOULD NOT BE HAPPENING.

(Addendum: I called again an hour after posting this. Still. the same. bloody. voice-mail. tree. I know I got someone on the first ring yesterday.)


Martin (said brother) lent me cash to pay these fines and get my license back asap and wants it back at the end of the month. I really...really am tired of this.
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I really, really didn't want to resort to this, but I am in DIRE STRAITS at this point.

Guess what folks, NEW frelling expenses have popped up since the move, isn't that just how it goes. Except now with $40 to my checking account, I now need $260 in order to get the frelling $$$$ mom left in savings for me.

Why that number? Well as it turns out, my dear town of employment had a fine that I did not know about, which is not allowing me to renew my license until it is paid. Also, there's a fee for renewal and replacement of the ID so I am now at wits end for getting the $$ locally (my brothers are as broke as I am nearly).

Which brings me to the purpose of this post. I'm going to put up a few posts around the communities for crowdfunding with a special limited time offer.

From today until April 21, I will be offering out the options of fan patches, card readings and water color postcards.

I'll be posting those up later, but here's hoping I can get enough put together to get my money, pay rent and get a new driver's license.

I really, really dislike the cops in Elkhart Lake.
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Newton: Come on limpbody, y'gotta update your friends on this pile of crap

Fuzzy: Fuuuuuuhcking....

Newton: Yes, yes we KNOW about the swearing already dear.

Fuzzy: mmmngh. Fine. *sits up and drones*

Here's how it stands, I have 90% of my shit moved out from the old place, my bank account is fucking DRAINED (thank you friend Kelly for not informing how much gas that truck guzzles $150!!), I need to make my first month's rent and security deposit ($610) and my brother and Sue are doing the best they can to get the inheritance sorted out and I...

I'm staying with a friend until her lease with a shitty apartment complex is up. It's safer than Erycka's and I've got a pillow and sleeping bag nest I've been sleeping in here. Reason for sleeping here is that I've still got my dentist here and the prospect of a 44 mile drive to get to him to finish this dental work has zero fucking appeal.

Seriously FUCK THIS SHIT SO BLOO- *mic cuts out*

....right, that was about as far as we got before she started to just snarl.

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...cause Ion my wee laptop is in the shop once again, tahnkfully covered by my geeksquad tech support insurance.

and I'm buying a new computer. Well. New to me.

aaaand this coming Tuesday is my very first...root canal. Liquid diet, antibiotics and painkillers hoor- wait that not right.

Cam, I am greatly appreciating the ways you have VASTLY expanded my dictionary of cussing words. So very, very grateful. And if this turns out to be malware, I will find the large incontinent St. Bernard, and add in the Tibetan Mastiff trained to attack people who put out small fires.


Oct. 11th, 2012 11:13 pm
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I have heard "this is the final push of cleaning" seven times in one hour this evening.

It does not encourage me if you repeat this.

At least not tonight.

If you're using this phrase to refer to the next ten minutes, and still going on after the time limit has passed for your previous statement to be correct, SAYING IT AGAIN DOES NOT MAKE IT HAPPEN FASTER.

...on that note, just please, kick Martin in the SHINS the next time he asks me to lift something. My back already wants to murder him.

I am going to sleep.

And tomorrow I will scrap more metal and take ALL OF THE BOOZE FROM THE HOUSE.
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About paring down to only the stuff you'll use during the next four months.

About doing only the things that won't mess up the house for the next four months.

God DAMNIT. I am so sick of cleaning and sorting by now and there's still more to do!

I'd like to make jams this year from the stuff I'll be foraging, I'd like to have stuff stocked up for the colder winter months! But the sad damned reality is that I won't be able to if i'm moving soon.
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Thanks to the brother of idiocy who could not fucking figure out how to write a letter and get it witnessed and dated, I am without health insurance.
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I will kill you and hang your entrails as a warning to others if you decide to visit me for an entire night again.

In slightly better news I found out that axle strength does not matter in building the cart. It is the strength of it's floorboards which matter. At least if this guide to rustic home is anything to go by for it's specs on how to build a handcart. I'd have to check with someone capable of woodworking and carpentry to know if 1 1/2 in plywood would hold more than 500 lbs.

...and I'm awake enough to right now be witnessing my brother Martin as he sneezes and wheezes his way into a morning. And insists that he is 'fine'.

Real convincing bro.
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Hey y'all help a girl with computer trouble out!


I need to get my little laptop Ion checked out since files have been mysteriously disappearing. Most notably a 14mb file of story notes (so much screaming), so I'm offering out a little deal. I need $80-140 to pay for someone to fix this. I'll have this art-card post open until I meet those needs.


2.5 x 3.5 inch artist trading cards, collectible and portable inspirations.

$5 Lucky Dip you get something random, could be something like the cards pictured middle left, and bottom-middle and bottom-right, could be a character or something else

$10 Black and White Sketch (not pictured) I sketch you a portrait black and white on an ATC card of whatever character, animal, or person you happen to want in ink.

$20 Watercolor card I sketch AND watercolour a portrait of whatever character, animal or design you desire.

Comment here or ping me on aim @ BitternBright!
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Okay, emergency state of the fuzzy address.

Sine 1996 my mom has been diagnosed with Alpha 1 Antitripsin Disorder (google it, PLEASE.) which is a degenerative lung condition, and for the past 7 years she's been on oxygen.

For the past 3 years she's been jumping through every hoop with the transplant coordinator for a lung transplant. Today, while we were staying as a vacation at a friend's house and finishing up lunch, she got a Call.

There's a single right lung in Chicago.

This is mixed news, they haven't YET gotten the crossmatching done for her bloodtype and the donor's yet. 15-75 minutes away from that little nugget of news. A single lung isn't good because her other bad lung will likely keep expanding and push the new one out, decreasing her odds of survival (not to mention she'll be banned for life from pomegranates and grapefruits due to the medications she'll be taking after the transplant).

We're actually praying it isn't a match but we're going to have to go down to Chicago anyways just in case.

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Your robocaller will be the first to die tonight.

The Women's League of Voters does NOT support Walker, and neither does the Planned Parenthood group.

And if you send me someone from the American Cancer society saying I have to support Walker I will track them down and have strong words about liars.

So help me Sekhmet, I will light you morons on fire for this bullshit and summon a horde upon you asses and your criminal children.
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...but half the time I'm not sure if you're operating with half the brain of a crazy chatspeaker or half the brain of the average woman your age.

I'll be glad to be your driving buddy for the 3-4 hour drive down to Chicago to see your very good oncologist.

But here is a thing. I will not be any more able to understand what the hell you two are going on about anymore than the last time we did this. Taking away my sewing or my sketchbook is NOT going to improve my ability to comprehend and concentrate. Last time I recall the gist of your talk being about compatibility, talking about how the doctors in Milwaukee had dropped the ball and now you're stuck picking up the slack with these doctors. It was the same thing you complained about for 3 hours on the drive down there.

And then there's the DELIGHTFUL tidbit about what's happening on the way back. Clothes shopping.

I can count the number of times that a trip for clothes that didn't have frustration involved on ONE HAND. Seriously. Just give me $150, let me arrange a day for me to get Michelle Burgdof to come with me and we will find me several new interview outfits. Put simply, mom, I love ya, but I don't trust your judgement with my affairs anymore. Your definition of 'nice clothes' make me feel like a seal stuffed into a business suit. Always a few months later the shirts will not fit my chest without looking like the buttons are going to pop right off.

We've had the talk about our differences in vocabulary too, what one phrase reads to you, means something totally different for me. I've heard this broken record too many times before, can we please just take it outback and use it for target practice?


Oct. 2nd, 2010 12:25 am
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Someone want to pass it around? The Real Life comic site seems to have gotten a bad case of viral attack, and I've picked up something that McAfee won't shut UP about.

Says it's a trojan called Artemis?

Any rate, running all anti-viral programs and updates.

Any an all folken on the friends list with some experience with virii would be more than welcome to tag this and let me know the score.

Especially on how to remove this bastard from Ion, my little green laptop.
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Maybe it's from having to wake up far too early this morning to get work done AND have lunch with Mom...

But I feel like if someone just touches me the wrong way, I'm going to end up attacking their face like a cat on catnip playing headcrab.

And i'm in my happy place at the library!

...wtfbody. The urge to eat skulls should be reserved for when we have to work with Popdouche.
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Left AC power supply/adapter at library yesterday, likely gone for good.

Looking at $35 to replace it.

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I have new rant fodder for a new Newt's-eye View letter.

...for those who missed them the first time around...

One, two, three, and four

All were comics done for the old harvesters comm. Which is dead but the comics are still funny.

I think it'll go something like this

Dear Spazmom,

I understand that you've been waiting for your food.

It's taken a while to get done I'll grant you that but first several things that you need to take into account before you start screaming at the staff about how you've been waiting an hour for your food and alllll your little kids are screaming and hungry.

One: You were the last group to arrive after all other 10 tables at the tiki area filled up, each with 6 people to a table roughly. Your waitress told you it was going to be a while.

Two: You do NOT come into the kitchen to scream at the staff, or to scream at the waitstaff who are only trying to get everything done.

Three: I saw your kids, who were REMARKABLY more well behaved than you, and not screaming. they may have been fussing and anxious to explore the area but certainly not throwing tantrums or starving.

Four, and I think this is the most important one... LOOK AT THE CLOCK YOU GODDAMN BINT. You sat down at 12:10 pm. You food got to you at 12:35.

We have photographic proof and the tickets with timestubs for evidence.


Shut up, take your food, pay the bill, and leave us over-worked cooks out of your little PMS routine.

---A Baking Gypsy

Several comments from my coworkers.

On her four kids "It's not my damn fault she can't keep her legs closed."

On her Attitiude "Lady, I don't know what form of crazy you have but keep the hell away from me, it might be contageous."

On her time-sense. "...Who wants to take bets that this lady's on the good mommy's little helper?"
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...the Laughing Cow light Blue cheese single serv wedges taste like some horrible person mixed rotten dill into what at one point might've been a decent cheese. *ptuiptui*
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Okay, so you know how the old boxen's hard drive was borking and throwing up it's last legs?

Well the guys at the shop said they'd back up all my files onto a dvd.

Half right. They backed up all of the MUSIC files onto a dvd.

i'mma be visiting them again on monday to chat with them.

Cause you know...I'd like my art and story files back too! >=X


Mar. 31st, 2010 02:02 pm
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Hokay. Next person who decides to chew on my ear about the healthcare bill vote is going to wear their own ass for a hat.

I'm getting it from both sides and right now I'm just tired of it.

It's a big hooplalafuckit of people yelling about how things are going to end up getting unbalanced and change everything and here's a news flash.


Some people shouldn't be making death threats.

The new system has flaws.


Now get off my lawn.


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