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Who wants christmas shinies?

There are three options for christmas shinies this year, those being

A) A handdrawn christmas card!

B) A Randomized art card!

C) A colorful 2 by 2 inch square art patch! (for each person in a household if need me!)

So cmessage me with what you want and your snail mail address! Shoot me an email!
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A surprise for a pregnant friend I'm going to make a textured teething fabric book for her inbound daughter.

Which is basically me using a LOT of natural cotton embroidery floss and denim.

However, I'd like to do something a little different each page. Stimulate the kidlet's senses a bit.


Friendlist. Go here and select 3 stitches for one page, with a one-word item theme for the image that'll be built out of the stitches.(example: reverse chain, long-arm cross-stitch, boullion worm. Keyword: Hat 'This is Cricket's Hat'). I'd like to get about 8-10 pages. Who knows, maybe more.

The object of this exercise is to both make a great cloth book for a kid, and for ME to get a little extra motivation to learn some new stitches for my own bag of tricks.


Sidenote: Running stitch and backstitches will be used to make borders for some parts and the lettering.
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Warning y'all, I'm going to have an image heavy post, but the good news is that you guys get to see for the first time how my embroidery work progresses!

A little under two weeks in the making )

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Notes on the jurogumo:

DMC embroidery floss #349=red, and #977=golden yellow
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Earlier this month, Anoush (old friend I finally got back into contact with after a few years of radio silence) managed to become convinced by me to come to the Art Vs. craft fair in Milwaukee. She also found her sister, mother and mother's friend wanted to come along for the fair as well!

The day started this morning with me preparing 2 lunchboxes and one snack box. Here that be food geekery )

Drove out to Anoush's mother's house and got treated to organic raw milk in my coffee, with a second breakfast and some lovely conversation. Sadly, I slept on the way up, more due to my problems of sleeping in a strange bed and Psycho NEIGHBOR AND CAT noises all through the night. I gotta say, I ever move to a city it will be at least 2 months before I start getting exhausted enough to sleep soundly through the night and not jump at every single noise. 2 hours intervals of sleep resulting in..maybe 4ish hours of sleep last night. Less than the night before. augh.

Dropped off Anoush's mother and sister to hold their places in line while the friend, anoush and I looked for a parking place. Had a little hassle finding a parking spot, but one place had an all-day parking deal going on! Parted ways with the rest of the group so Anoush and I could check in as Volunteers and not pay admission fees.

For the first hour or so we all bombed around the 2 floors of the fair viewing the vendors and the place in general. I have to agree with Anoush's mom as she pointed out some problems. The handicap access was terrible for her, between the lack of traction her wheels had on the carpet and the number of stairs in other places... It was pretty clear that the venue had issues I hadn't noticed before, like the basement floor vending hall having terrible lighting (she bought a glass pendant that didn't look like much down there..but outside it was frikking gorgeous!) No body had any trouble with the vendors, or the volunteer staff, but the venue itself was a little hasslesome.

After the first hour we had to stop and nosh, and various topics were brought up, including why i didn't apply for a booth this year. Several reasons, the first of which being that I didn't have enough stock of a variety of stock to make anything resembling a decent booth. Several suggestions were swapped about and it's gotten me into the mood to do some more art and simple furoshiki. Who knows, maybe I'll make the juried booth selection next year.

After the meal and drinks, Anoush and I headed up front to perform out volunteer duties for 2 hours. Sadly, the table positions had been taken by that time, so we had to choose between clicking* or making annoncements to the crowd coming in. I chose the latter and after an hour of repeating the same lines in various ways, my throat was getting sore. Seriously, I know it's a great time and part for y'all, but when there's someone trying to make an announcement above you, PLEASE. BE NICE. BE QUIET and LISTEN.

After our volunteer shifts were up, we went back to browse and buy some shinies, or in my case TRADE FOR SHINIES. The Zombie dolls were still a big hit, but eeven more of a surprise, the random scrap and freehand embroidery toys sold for about triple what I had expected to sell them for online! *hugs her bag o' bath fizzies, salts, and soap* After all that was done, Anoush and I left to meet up with her family and their friend again.

On the way back we agreed that Culver's was in order, and thus custard for all.

The evening ended amiable after we explained all the shinies and awesome to Anoush's husband, and after they allowed me a wonderful tea and dinner, I went back to take care of the cats.

In short order. Friends were awesome, the fair was awesome, food was awesome, 2 hours of standing and yelling were not so awesome, swaps were SERIOUSLY AWESOME, and the evening ended in lovely tea.

I'mma try to see if I can tuck in early and sleep....but once again it looks like insomnia is my companion as the sirens have just started wailing outside.

* Clicking is when someone clicks a little handheld device to count how many people have paid to get into the fair. That way, when the boxes are counted up at night, they know exactly how much they should have in the box.


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