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Good News: I get tomorrow off from the the hell plant that is the temp job at the plastics company

Bad news: Tomorrow afternoon I am supposed to be getting a call if I am going to be going back there to work or not.

Good news: The creeping tingling an occaissional nerve pinch going on in my hands and fingers for the past two weeks has been looked at.

Bad News: It's carpal tunnel syndrome. I did not have the social spoons to delve into the late-afternoon swarm at Walmart to pick up naproxen or special wrist splints for when I sleep. Things for tomorrow's todo list

Bad news: Since my bank reported that some of my information on a website I shopped at has been stolen, so I had to go to the bank, cancel my debit card and withdraw the $$$ needed to pay for Rent, Food, Gas and most importantly of ALL...the upcoming expenses for the con.

Good news: I am on for hitting up Convergence in Minneapolis over the 4th of July weekend next week. Hotel is a go, registration already paid for, time taken off TWICE (if Raoul tries to set me up with something next week for temp work I WILL LIGHT THAT PUERTO RICAN MAN ON FIRE)

Bad news: I didn't get enough punk patches made for the Whales Ate My Baby packs. Or any of the really FUN ones made up (srsly, the fact that there is a GIRAFFE constellation cracks me the hell up)

...I thought I had more but right now I've spent 15 hours awake and sober and I really need to fix ONE OF THOSE THINGS. Because Rage Sewing isn't an option with carpal tunnel.
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Sooo... The place I was going to get hired at ran out of work (their director has promised the agents at the temp agency that the company WILL BE HIRING ME ON when more work arrives)...which led to everyone except half a skeleton crew (for running the factory) to being temporarily laid off before Memorial Day. This happened last week Thursday. There were other events related to that time and event, some of which people already know about. In the sense that they knew not to poke the nuclear bear.

For the past week I've been working at another factory through the same temp agency... Tomorrow, I will be calling them while on one of my breaks, to say that I will NOT be fucking continuing this bullshit of a week of 12 hr shifts in a place with no fucking fans worth a damn, while standing on my feet for all but 45 minutes of that 12 hour shift.

Right now my everything hurts, I have no energy to write any fiction or tag... and I have to get up at 3:30 am again tomorrow for another shift.

...I think everything below the navel is going to try to murder me in my sleep tonight.

I also suck at keeping on with updating this journal. Sorry.
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So I've talked things over with my aunt and I'm setting up to move back down to Sheboygan at the end of September. That's the great news because up here in the Christian God run and bear-filled north I have no tribe. Also a couple nights ago the high-pitched grunting I heard in the yard was a bear taking a dump not 20 feet away from the machine shed where the RV is parked.

SCREW THIS. I draw the line at having bears for neighbors fuck you very much.

The only good news is that today, after my job interview on Monday, I got the call back from a steady job at the meat-packing plant 45 minutes from here. I don't have to stay if I don't like it but it's going to be income for a little while.

Yes, you read that right, meat packing plant. I'm not allowed into the slaughter or meat-cutting rooms because I got hired through a temp service. I'll stick with this for a while but I do not forsee it working out, especially if I want to be GONE by the end of September.
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First off, good news since my last post.

We caught the puppy and I unintentionally made $100 off of it. She is an adorable creature who seems to be perpetually terrified and now gods help me might be entering heat. The aunt is planning to take puppy to a rehabilitator for evaluation because the 5 weeks running around in the bush and getting chased by the local rednecks did not help anything.

Said rehabber for this breed of dog lives in Southern IOWA so that's gonna be one fun road trip.

I've been starting to apply for factory work and I almost wish I weren't but... I need to stop spending my inheritance and get an actual job. Enough to support myself and get away from my aunt.

She says I need to give this place more of a chance, I've only been her barely two months.

I am not convinced, but fighting that topic is a noisy, angry, and often fruitless battle. Though she has given up on getting me to buy the house down the road and fix it up as an INVESTMENT. Ai, ai, ai, so many things wrong with that I have no idea how to list them.
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So this week has been terribly rainy and terribly exhausting in that things with my aunt keep hitting setbacks. There's also a lost puppy involved, and really the entire thing is exhausting to explain, even if it boils down to Aunt Kate being too stubborn to listen to instructions.

When the handler of the purebred puppy you ordered delivers the pup and tells you NOT TO TAKE IT OUT OF THE CRATE OR IT WILL SLIP THE LEASH YOU DAMN WELL LISTEN.

We see the dog often enough, and I know y'all will rightly worry about it. Right now I have zero energy to worry about the dog. I hope Kate gets her head out of her butt and gets down to business for actually live-trapping the puppy because that may be the only sure, humane way to GO.

I saw BEARS on the side of the road the other day and regularly hear coyotes. Nothing is kosher about this and I'm living out of an RV in the machine shed right now. It's supposed to be temporary but I have little faith about this arrangement working out like it was supposed to on time.
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Finally communicated with Aunt Kate about wants and needs on boht sides, after I called Sue. I called Sue because it'd seemed that Kate had pulled a quick changes on our plans for an exploration today and gone ahead to one of the destinations. I'm still slightly nervous about going out to see these places to apply for jobs. Yesterday I ran around to five different places and handed in applications, today was a day without so much as one.

We talked about a lot of things, but mostly what I had planned for myself. Here's the thing, I have no plans or end goals for myself when someone asks this question. It's the sledgehammer to the kneecaps of a thought process, even if it's a well meaning one. Sometimes I need to stop dancing around an issue.

I have no five year plan beyond "Portland is a shiny place to be" and "I want to do creative arty things". These are not especially helpful, because the former could easily be replaced with another area to live. The latter carries all of the usual connotations of the starving artist.

I want to earn enough that I'm not relying on the inheritence to survive.

I would like to be less anxious about people.

I am less irritated with Wisconsin as a whole of a state, and even can think of it kindly.

I might move back to Sheboygan, (though not with Erycka who is still screening my calls).

I might stay here. Much as it frightens me to admit this. I miss my friends in Sheboygan like gangbusters but even they can't guarantee me a job.

I've moved and I have no idea what the frak I am doing.

Life, I guess.

I miss my cuddlecat Louie (he's staying with Kate because this place doesn't allow pets) and purple itsy blanket, but things are okay at the MacArthur Hotel/boarding house. The lady who owns this place just brought me cookies because I've apparently gotten in on her good side. Mostly by making my bed and asking if I can help out.
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Today was a good day over all. I packed one large box, picked up six more apple boxes for packing, donated plasma to get $50, some scribbling was done at plasma donation (not much, one page. I used to fill more) and after all of that my brother Martin stopped by on a surprise visit, in which we shared ice cream and discussed various topics.

Me being the nervous wreck I am while moving, I did start crying a little when the topic of the old family lake cottage came up. There are so many memories there and at this moment I can do nothing while the aunties and uncles discuss selling it since they are too old to take care of it and most of the cousins are showing no interest in keeping it. So. Yeah. I can type it out and remain relatively rational (ha!) and then go onto other things. It just hurts and hollows me out.

After those talks about the move, it's costs, what I was doing about it, what kind of trailer rating does my hitch have and is good for... I need a reciever bolt and then I can get a hitch on it. Even though the people at U-haul said they'd rent me what I'd need to haul a trailer, Martin's advice is that I find a 2 inch receiver and save some money.

Also, during his visit, he gave some very good advice about the packing and stacking of what I'm bringing with me. Some of it, such as the "three bags" rule don't apply to crafters and artists, but the advice about the important stuff getting packed last into the trailer makes hella sense. This way it gets unloaded first, no fuss, no muss. Ofcourse more work was required to make such a space for organization happen. So much had to be lifted, moved and re-cleaned before he would accept it as a space to start laying out for how I will pack thins. Many items will end up in recycling, donated or thrown out. I am irritated and sad that I don't have a way to get all the liquor bottles I saved from my idiot neighbors over to the lady in Elkhart who turns them into wicked candle lanterns but such is life at this point.

I'm writing this now because I started babbling at a friend as soon as I got online, by Ptah's starry BALLS this in insane. I hate moving. I need to get out of here with the shitty apartment and the shitty neighbors though. Such is the life.

No embroidery was accomplished today.
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So, apparently I overpaid for the bed bug treatment services and I'm getting a check sent BACK to me in the mail. Whoo. $250.

Bad news, the car I purchased in fricking AUGUST has shown signs of wonky steering and a heater that doesn't work. This news came after the 10 calls from my aunt as she drove it down to Chicago for her doctor's appointment. The calls started at 6 am, and around 10 am, she called to inform me that she wanted to meet up in Oshkosh, which was a much harder ordeal than she anticipated. I don't think she remembered that I have to walk a mile to the nearest bus stop (30 minutes if I walk there FAST, and there are icy sidewalks. Hahaha, NO.) and I need to take two different buses to get to the nearest 24hr breakfast place (again 30-45 minutes, even when things aren't icy as shit).

I'm tired, still cold from the walk home, and hungry. The only thing I got done for work (because navigating the bus adds at least 3-4 hrs of travel time to any expedition) was some milk for groceries and printing off the paperwork needed to deal with some of Mom's retirement accounts from the library.

I either want to bite someone's face off or scream, and I have the energy for neither activity.
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Yesterday I got the inspection scheduled for my apartment. The examination with trained beagle comes tomorrow morning, so today I've got to try contacting the Tenant Rights group of Wisconsin.

Edit: just called, left a message on their machine, and have no idea how to navigate the phone tree at the clerks office.

Calling to report scares me but it must be done...

Anyone know who might be the ones to call?
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I reported the finding and biting from a bedbug infestation on Monday. Thursday a pest control company was spraying the eaves of the roofs for all of the buildings in the complex. I kind of doubt such an ineffective method was the response from the work-order and Managerial Staff, but I can't reach them for comment until Monday.

I'm really, really sick of how fucked up everything is right now.

If I don't get a response next week, I'm going to have to take some drastic measures. Plastic bagging every article of clothing, tin-foiling all of my books, and bleach scrubbing anything else that is water-proof but not heat-resistant. And calling my own damn exterminator.

If it comes to that I'll have to beg, but the orders will be on a sterilization hold. Once all fabric and floss get the all clear, I'd be starting work. Which'd be a huge freaking delay.
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Or maybe not enough, because haven't updated this in a while. August was too much fun of a month, where for three weeks I was struggling to get internet, got into a car crash, and dealt with getting the apartment into my name, along with the bills.

The first only relates to the rest in the sense that I was unable to communicate during the exact moments of these things taking place.

As far as the car crash goes, I didn't hit anybody else's car. I passed out at the wheel for half a second on a twisty bit of resort road and hit a tree. I know I'm lucky to be alive, even if I'm still recovering from that. Many thanks go to Camwyn, for sending me the much-needed and still in use re-useable ice packs. Recovery is fun.

However, for the past two weeks I've been getting random bug bites showing up on my arms and legs. At first I attributed them to mosquitoes, having to walk or ride everywhere does tend to increase your exposure to the less savory aspects of the outdoors. Especially in summer, when it's hot and muggy and all the insects are fucking hatching left and right.

However...lately I've noticed new ones showing up in the morning. Little red itchy clusters of different bites, grouped together. Just a few moments ago, I found an odd bug crawling off of me and squashed it.

I should not find red in a squashed bug. Finding that sort of bug in my bedroom, several hours after I've been outside, is rather alarming, especially given that it wasn't shaped at all like a tick.

I know that I should not Google things at 2-oh-fuck-you-clock in the morning.

I think I've got bedbugs.


How the fsck did I get bedbugs???
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Step 1: Have her roommates moving out the same weekend as a friend's wedding at the Ren Faire.

Step 2: Contract the 'summer cold bug' through unknown sources at the beginning of the week

Step 3: Forget that the Experimental Aircraft Association, located roughly a little less than a mile down the road, is having their convention/celebration the entire week

Step 4: Allow for the workplace to run out of pasta not once, but twice.

Step 5: Don't forget to stop at the storage barn to organize what must be brought to the apartment only to find out someone either forgot to bring my cooking supplies from the former residence, or one of my brothers scarpered off with a large bin of all of my extra cooking tools.

Step 6: Go to the Ren Faire Wedding and be reminded how very much I loathe crowds as it seems to be on double the intensity it was last week. Also, small screaming children.

Step 7: Come back from hellishly long drive to wedding, only to find apartment mostly bare as roommates have moved most of their stuff out, and proceed to have a panic attack as I realize they crammed all of the stuff from the Barn into my room, preventing immediate touchdown into bed.

Tomorrow will be a day of contacting AT&T to start internet service with them, as by next week Saturday the service with Time Warner's asshole will be severed. Also finding furniture.
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Got awoken by a ginger fluffball cat insisting that it was playtime an hour before my alarm was due to go off. His preferred manner of insistance was nipping at my nose and purring that fluffy head off while not actually standing on me.

On the shortcut to work I spotted a snapping turtle basking in the middle of one of the country back-roads. It's that time of the year when the reptilian population takes heavy hits as members join the ranks of roadkill and I do actually kind of like the buggers. Even if they're ugly as hell, they're still part of the local ecosystem. So he (or she, I couldn't really tell) was gently nudged, flipped and pushed out of the road and back into the marsh to prevent their skulls from experiencing tire-crush. For what ever a snapping turtle being angry enough to try to projectile piss at you while you are trying to save it from a grim demise is worth, karmically speaking.

At work, it was back to the hand-crank method as the new motor was starting to choke at me the other day. And the pasta rollers all need some serious maitenence to get their gears back into place. Mean time, apparently I have become something of a source of entertainment and education for my co-workers. The former comes from the fact that I will sing along to whatever I'm listening to on my headphones while cranking out pasta. In regards to the latter...

I think I made the sauce-chef's day when I started cursing out the malfunctioning pasta machine in various methods, including the Finnish, Pennsylvanian Dutch and Shakespearean methods. What followed could only be described as him getting his mind blown as I informed him about some of the The Bard's more.... X-rated plays.

Also, I got to listen to all of my Tales of the Red Panda: The Crime Cabal audiobook while cranking my right arm off today.

Sometimes, it's nice where I work.

Time to enjoy my chicken soup and a cider now.


Apr. 4th, 2014 01:04 pm
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Right, even after my brother drove me to the Elkhart Lake police office to pay the fine in person yesterday there were no available officers to take care of things (they were either liason-ing at the highschool or doing interviews for help come summer.)

Now since I was assured that the amount was $210, I paid that in cash through a bailbonds envelope in their drop box. Anyone who thinks I have an hour to spare waiting for these people is really, really thinking wishfully since that's how long it took me to GET TO THEIR BUILDING. There was no frelling option for online payment with them.

First thing I check is to see that the fines register as having been 'paid' this morning.

Guesssssss whaaaat....

They weren't and five calls have been left since this morning at their office.

All I'm saying is that unless several people have mysteriously and spontaneously combusted over in Elkhart Lake, THIS SHOULD NOT BE HAPPENING.

(Addendum: I called again an hour after posting this. Still. the same. bloody. voice-mail. tree. I know I got someone on the first ring yesterday.)


Martin (said brother) lent me cash to pay these fines and get my license back asap and wants it back at the end of the month. I really...really am tired of this.
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Alms, alms for someone in buggered straits?

Time to put what few skills I have to work.

Oracle Card readings!

$1 Will get you a 1-card draw!

$5 Will recieve a 3-card, with up to 3 more cards if anything requires a little more depth!


What is a fan-patch? Think of your favorite tv show, book, comic or subject matter. For a reasonable price, I can hand-embroider a patch displaying the love you have for any subject (within reason. Anyone asking for NSFW will be declined automatically) onto a piece of denim or felt, suitable for wearing about.

Size options!

$15: A 2-color 3" diameter patch with text will be handsewn and mailed to whatever address you desire

$30: 3-color 5" diameter patch with text and/or stylized image of subject material (Whovians get a Tardis, Trekkies get a comm badge, you get the picture)

$55: Hand of Fatima 4 colors with a random precious stone or glass bead, a good luck charm! (includes shipping for inside the US)


$98: 5-color 12"x7" biker-style back-patch (denim only). Exactly as it sounds. You know those patches bikers have on the back of their jackets? Well, that's what this'd be, except it may be a crest of sonic screwdrivers, or phasers, or your personal motto. (Includes shipping $)

Examples include:

cloth events 010



Comments will be screened for privacy, once you comment, I'll reply with my paypal address.
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I really, really didn't want to resort to this, but I am in DIRE STRAITS at this point.

Guess what folks, NEW frelling expenses have popped up since the move, isn't that just how it goes. Except now with $40 to my checking account, I now need $260 in order to get the frelling $$$$ mom left in savings for me.

Why that number? Well as it turns out, my dear town of employment had a fine that I did not know about, which is not allowing me to renew my license until it is paid. Also, there's a fee for renewal and replacement of the ID so I am now at wits end for getting the $$ locally (my brothers are as broke as I am nearly).

Which brings me to the purpose of this post. I'm going to put up a few posts around the communities for crowdfunding with a special limited time offer.

From today until April 21, I will be offering out the options of fan patches, card readings and water color postcards.

I'll be posting those up later, but here's hoping I can get enough put together to get my money, pay rent and get a new driver's license.

I really, really dislike the cops in Elkhart Lake.
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Newton: Come on limpbody, y'gotta update your friends on this pile of crap

Fuzzy: Fuuuuuuhcking....

Newton: Yes, yes we KNOW about the swearing already dear.

Fuzzy: mmmngh. Fine. *sits up and drones*

Here's how it stands, I have 90% of my shit moved out from the old place, my bank account is fucking DRAINED (thank you friend Kelly for not informing how much gas that truck guzzles $150!!), I need to make my first month's rent and security deposit ($610) and my brother and Sue are doing the best they can to get the inheritance sorted out and I...

I'm staying with a friend until her lease with a shitty apartment complex is up. It's safer than Erycka's and I've got a pillow and sleeping bag nest I've been sleeping in here. Reason for sleeping here is that I've still got my dentist here and the prospect of a 44 mile drive to get to him to finish this dental work has zero fucking appeal.

Seriously FUCK THIS SHIT SO BLOO- *mic cuts out*

....right, that was about as far as we got before she started to just snarl.

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Hey all, your not-so-friendly mental satyr Newton taking over this news post while my house, named the Fuzzy's brain is going on a little frothing rage.

Not that I blame her at all. Holy fucking hell, with the month she's had, I'm surprised something hasn't burnt down already.

Tomorrow is the only day she gets access to a moving van you see, and today was the first day since leaving the palace of the crazy bitc- *ducks a thrown chair and watches someone breaking a great many things* ...eeeeigh. Right where was I.. oh yeah! Today was the first time since she NOPENOPENOPE'd her way from that residence.

And found that it hadn't been cleaned since she'd been there.

Let's just say she had a fun afternoon of taking everything that belonged to her down from the walls and part of the attic, shall we?

Oh and one of her brothers wants a fully itemized budget for her living expenses for the next month.

*sound of some very large fireworks being thrown into a fire pit with a snarling roar* BURRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRN!!!!

..........Right! I think that about wraps things up, I've got to apply some bourbon and xanax to this now. Then we'll see what happens when the Fuzzy sits down for some good anime.
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Staying with friend atm, so I am safe.

Currently have found a room for rent, that is CHEAPER AND CLEANER than the old place and already has one cat. My Louie will have a playmate.

My fines are paid off so all I need to do is renew my driving license and license plate. WHOO.

Working on a Budget for brothers to lend money from the inheritance (since a certain brother has been dragging his heels on that) for the expenses of finishing the dental work and living expenses until the end of summer. Whoooooo. Also it turns out the the reason for this taking so long is MORGAN DRAGGING HIS FEET.

Also going to be sending vital update info to work-friends and family to see who is available to help move. Non-essentials are going to the barn (all print material is getting fucking ziplocked to hell)

Toying with the idea of putting up 'will do art/card readings for $$ to help move' posts on Dreamwidth and Tumblr.

Feeling better but still full of so much anxiousness.

Here goes.
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This is an emergency alert, due to many fricking factors I was too scared to even consider as options before. Y'all know how for the past year and a half I've been living outside of my family home for the first time EVER in my 30 year old life. For the first six months, it went alright, even including Hurricane Sandy. In March of last year I even handled the dental drama of one of my teeth rotting nearly to the bone and needing to be pulled out and a bridge put in! (Those driving cars over it jokes got old SO fucking fast) So my flatmate was a little harsh sometimes, so she drove off one of her friends by being a drama queen, this is all sort of some of those usual first-time trials of living with someone right?

Hoo-boy Captain Howdy I should have started asking questions right then. I even started looking at other places until I got busy with work in the summer. Wow. Summer, working in a kitchen and coming back to a rather irate and completely self-centered housemate. I really, REALLY should have seen the signs when she'd blow up about my schedule being weird and my alarm clock going off at the butt-crack of dawn or why I was pissed she spent the night being loud downstairs if I'd have work the next day.

Then comes the sort of double-sided talk. I take care of her cats, two anxious as fuck brats who regularly either steal shit from the garbage can to play with, or steal my stuffed toys for the same purpose. The few times I left to go traveling for cons or the such, she bloody damn well badgered me until I paid her friend for cat-sitting. The kicker is that her friend REGULARLY insisted that I didn't have to pay her for checking in on my cats.

More than that, as soon as Louie bonded to me, he actively started FLEEING Erycka's grasp. Animals are smarter than humans sometimes, I really should just have Louie be my people barometer.

Finally when Autumn hit, bringing with it the college courses and the results of her own stupid need to butt into everyone else's life... Well, she burned bridges with someone who'd been a friend with her for over a decade because she kept pushing, and pushing, and PUSHING someone with an alcohol problem to seek therapy, despite the fights that would happen. Thus, my housemate decided that since she no longer had a place to crash at while she was at college (nearly an hour and a half away from home), she'd do the 'stay in a trailer' while doing an extremely strenuous college course.

This was about the time that I think I became her pet 'rehabilitation' project. Look, the woman's great with anything scaly, worked as a reptile rescue and rehab helper for 5 years. The lady just had NO skill with reading the body language of mammals. Maybe. I don't know her head or how it works, so why the bleep would she know my head? Even I have trouble navigating it sometimes, so why would she read my mind? Truth be told, she tried, and I think when I didn't respond the way she thought I =ought= to, I was blamed.

While I was trying to find rooms all winter, I had few results and after talking to another friend, the reason I was getting no replies back on email was because my email name might've been caught by their spam filter. =/ What ones I did whittle down and think were just fine, she shot down until I got the 'perfect place'. I blew off FIVE places that would've done fine for my purposes because she nit-picked them to death. I wasn't expecting perfection, in fact I've become suspicious of perfection because it comes with a pricetag. This 'perfect apartment' came with a clause that they couldn't sublet to me because I hadn't had any sort of income for the past two months. After that crushing blow, it became harder and harder to find someplace to go and stay. She'd badger me everyday about where I had looked, and I did look online, I called people on the phone when she wasn't around to pipe in with 'helpful advice'.

It got to the point where two, three times a day she'd keep asking that same question about my finances (oh yeah, I'm gonna stay calm while you ask me about the inheritance I haven't touched from my mother *channels Karkat for a while with two big fucks up*) or about any places I'd visited and seen yet. I even had a place I was going to head for, that my brother had checked out for me. I trust my brother Martin, he's a reliable sort and he'd even viewed that room himself when he was hunting for a place to stay not that long ago himself. When I announced this, it got WORSE. She'd get aggressive and physically advance on me while battering me with rapid-fire questions and ALWAYS expecting a different answer, or specific details which I now was reluctant to tell her in case they got shot down. If I tried to LEAVE she'd accuse me of being rude or obnoxious or trying to ignore her. It's impossible to ignore her, I just wanted to get away from her Spanish inquisition.

That doesn't cover what happened on Monday. Monday things went to hell. I was heading out to meet another friend for coffee, one who happened to have been one of my housemate's former closest friends. One who had the stones to call her out on when she was fucking up and freaking me out. The moment she badgered who I was meeting out of me, she went fucking Ballistic and accused me of having some kind of agenda with suddenly contacting this friend.

Excuse me, there's this thing called you know the INTERNET...with online CHATTING, you know all of that typing I'm constantly doing? I just closed the door on her face before she could a hand through and started running for the bus stop then. Ooooh boy, that was when things started becoming like a fucking bad episode of COPS. She followed me out into the yard, half-dressed and screaming obscenities at me as I hauled off for the bus stop. The reason I was taking the bus was that she had me parked in, so with my headphones going on full blast, I got to the coffee shop...and immediately just broke down by a long-time resident and something of a fellow artist there. Nice old grandpa sort named Denny who looked worried the moment he saw me. I don't know how I looked, but I was able to hold it together until Kelly came to pick me up.

After that she went into crisis mode and said that when I went back to the house to pack up what I needed for a few nights away from my housemate. Don't talk, don't make eye contact, all of that. It didn't take me long and I know I forgot some things because it was a 2 hour span. I put all of the stuff I had been packing up into my room, cleared out all that I could from the downstairs. I was waiting for the time when Kelly would pick me up when Erycka stormed up to me and called me several things before stalking out of the house and driving off. By THAT time I was too numb and terrified to say anything, much less DRIVE.

So, with bags and blankets, tea and pillows I fucking ran with Kelly to the apartment that she still has for another couple of weeks. Kelly is living with some friends of hers right now, so I'm a nice safe quiet place for a while.

I may also be completely useless for any RP or plotting for a while folks. Between my housemate and having to get another tooth pulled and a bridge made (fun fact, it's the matching bicuspid on the left side of my mouth. Dentist suspects they didn't grow right and assures me it wasn't my fault for it), my body is...less than ideal for making any decisions right now.

Sorry all, I just need to hide in the blankets for a while.


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