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Give me your links to your crazy art, you wonderful everyday weirds...

And please, you post any thing that would show up in 4chan I will be very annoyed with you.
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a) It is 8 am and currently 85 degrees outside with a 99% humidity.
b) there is but one thing and that one thing doesn't even take the time needed that'd pay for my gas out there and can wait.

Thus, I am staying inside, and rolling up Magical Girl stats from the Magical Burst RPG.

...Puella Magi Madoka Magica looks like it might be my sort of crack.

Character one

name: Setsuna

magical girl name: Pretty Star

what kind of girl: puppy

what convinced her to make a contract: I can't let my friend fight alone

wish: I wish to have my family back

magical element: Joy

magical power: resourceful purse

magical weapon: Cannon

costume: angel wings, kanji, school swimsuit

crisis: "One day I started going about my usual routine, but every-one was convinced that I had died the day before."

tsukaima(magical familiar): A friendly living doll with a jewel in it's forehead

(game in development here )

...yes i rolled this up just to draw a magical girl.


Apr. 24th, 2011 10:33 pm
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brown nishiki rice with miso.

perfect for killing that late-night salty-fatty craving.
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The other 3 elemental shortbread cookies!

Earth! Flavored with vanilla and sprinkled with fresh chopped rosemary prior to baking, hand-brushed alchemical symbol for earth done in black food coloring!

Fire! Flavored with orange essential oil, topped with dry sweet basil prior to baking, alchemical symbol hand-brushed on with food coloring.

And finally my personal favorite and personal element..WATER! Flavored with lime essential oil and fresh chopped thyme leaves sprinkled on prior to baking, alchemical symbol hand-brushed on with green food coloring!

And the recipe is here )

OH! And whoever wants cookies for christmas? NOTE ME, OR EMAIL OR IM ME YOUR MAILING ADDRESS PLZKTHNX??!!??

You'll get 4-5 coins of each element! Or just specify.
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I've got a month and a half to scramble to get things together. Paypal is waiting for my darling bank to give the goods for the supplies.

What I need to make between March 5th and now.

Dobuku or Happi Coat: Whichever takes less fabric

Hakama pants

kosode undergarment:length measurements taken. Work will commence after I iron out the fabric flat tomorrow. I've got more than 3 freaking yards of it.
Obi: ...need to dig through my fabric supplies but I think I can do a simple embroider on a sash and wear that.

Tabi: (Might cheat and make fake-ish ones from white gym socks)

Sandals: Have idea involved braided scraps of fabric from projects, something like a braided rug?

Get registered with Couch surfing for possible place to STAY: DONE, now to find someone

Purchase fabric for Hakama and Coat: DONE jesus I need to keep track of Jo Ann's sales because 6 yards for 75 cents a yard for a very light denim which is perfect? =D!! DONE. Kosode is going to be made from some unbleached muslin that I got in a garage sale and washed. Scraps will be used for embroider projects.

Bento business stuff
Design brand 'tags' to be printed on cardstock and stapled to bags of goods

Make 15 simple furoshiki $5(five red, five blue, five green, with white fabric)

Make 5 complex furoshiki $10 (use vintage cloth with red, blue, green and 2 white)

Make 3 pumpkin bag furoshiki ($30, basically windfall item)

Either find an old tall wicker wastebasket or see if there's someone who can build a simple wooden backpack of sorts. Otherwise I'll just have to pack and stash a large amount of stock in the car and carry small amounts through the con each day in the wicker picnic basket.
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Make moar crabcakes and freeze them


Make Buffalo Chicken Meatballs

Clean the Kitchen.

Use that angel-hair pasta you made from scraps at the resort

Clean the kitchen afterwards.

Mug the UPS guy when he finally delivers my ichibankan order.

Make a mess in the kitchen squeeing over loot.
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Maybe it's just spring fever and the nice weather, but I just tilled, fed and turned the soil in a spot I hope to grow a little patch of vegetables this year.

That's right, you heard me. I have the urge to garden, and it may be a misplaced biological need to nurture something, or else save a little at the markets, or have some really cool foods in my lunchbox.

So I remember what I want to plant, and how big my space for growing is...

Here's the list

Plot size: 2 ft by 4 ft, heavy clay even after tilling in leaves and grass, low soil depth (not so good for long carrots).


Parisienne Carrots: They say I can do these in a windowbox, so we'll have to see.

Green Beans: srsly, these are way too easy to grow and nice to eat that I can't put them onto the list

Onions...eeh. Possible.

Broccoli: a definite WANT...but again not sure how well they'll do.

Heirloom Tomatoes: I got hooked on the tuscan summer tomato soup we did at the bistro and now really want to grow these for the garden so I can make my own soups and sauces.
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Show of hands for anyone who remembers watching a show called ReBoot?

refinding old shows you loved and find you still love is like finding a dogeared childhood book.

*goes to reaquaintherself and save money for the dvds*


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