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Good News: I get tomorrow off from the the hell plant that is the temp job at the plastics company

Bad news: Tomorrow afternoon I am supposed to be getting a call if I am going to be going back there to work or not.

Good news: The creeping tingling an occaissional nerve pinch going on in my hands and fingers for the past two weeks has been looked at.

Bad News: It's carpal tunnel syndrome. I did not have the social spoons to delve into the late-afternoon swarm at Walmart to pick up naproxen or special wrist splints for when I sleep. Things for tomorrow's todo list

Bad news: Since my bank reported that some of my information on a website I shopped at has been stolen, so I had to go to the bank, cancel my debit card and withdraw the $$$ needed to pay for Rent, Food, Gas and most importantly of ALL...the upcoming expenses for the con.

Good news: I am on for hitting up Convergence in Minneapolis over the 4th of July weekend next week. Hotel is a go, registration already paid for, time taken off TWICE (if Raoul tries to set me up with something next week for temp work I WILL LIGHT THAT PUERTO RICAN MAN ON FIRE)

Bad news: I didn't get enough punk patches made for the Whales Ate My Baby packs. Or any of the really FUN ones made up (srsly, the fact that there is a GIRAFFE constellation cracks me the hell up)

...I thought I had more but right now I've spent 15 hours awake and sober and I really need to fix ONE OF THOSE THINGS. Because Rage Sewing isn't an option with carpal tunnel.
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Well, looks like I'm NOT the only tenant who has had to deal with the bedbug problem. Every apartment on the second floor of this building has gotten treated, but I don't know about the first floor. I'm getting the hell out of here somehow.

Edit: Camwyn has great macro-fu


Apr. 4th, 2014 01:04 pm
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Right, even after my brother drove me to the Elkhart Lake police office to pay the fine in person yesterday there were no available officers to take care of things (they were either liason-ing at the highschool or doing interviews for help come summer.)

Now since I was assured that the amount was $210, I paid that in cash through a bailbonds envelope in their drop box. Anyone who thinks I have an hour to spare waiting for these people is really, really thinking wishfully since that's how long it took me to GET TO THEIR BUILDING. There was no frelling option for online payment with them.

First thing I check is to see that the fines register as having been 'paid' this morning.

Guesssssss whaaaat....

They weren't and five calls have been left since this morning at their office.

All I'm saying is that unless several people have mysteriously and spontaneously combusted over in Elkhart Lake, THIS SHOULD NOT BE HAPPENING.

(Addendum: I called again an hour after posting this. Still. the same. bloody. voice-mail. tree. I know I got someone on the first ring yesterday.)


Martin (said brother) lent me cash to pay these fines and get my license back asap and wants it back at the end of the month. I really...really am tired of this.
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I really, really didn't want to resort to this, but I am in DIRE STRAITS at this point.

Guess what folks, NEW frelling expenses have popped up since the move, isn't that just how it goes. Except now with $40 to my checking account, I now need $260 in order to get the frelling $$$$ mom left in savings for me.

Why that number? Well as it turns out, my dear town of employment had a fine that I did not know about, which is not allowing me to renew my license until it is paid. Also, there's a fee for renewal and replacement of the ID so I am now at wits end for getting the $$ locally (my brothers are as broke as I am nearly).

Which brings me to the purpose of this post. I'm going to put up a few posts around the communities for crowdfunding with a special limited time offer.

From today until April 21, I will be offering out the options of fan patches, card readings and water color postcards.

I'll be posting those up later, but here's hoping I can get enough put together to get my money, pay rent and get a new driver's license.

I really, really dislike the cops in Elkhart Lake.
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Newton: Come on limpbody, y'gotta update your friends on this pile of crap

Fuzzy: Fuuuuuuhcking....

Newton: Yes, yes we KNOW about the swearing already dear.

Fuzzy: mmmngh. Fine. *sits up and drones*

Here's how it stands, I have 90% of my shit moved out from the old place, my bank account is fucking DRAINED (thank you friend Kelly for not informing how much gas that truck guzzles $150!!), I need to make my first month's rent and security deposit ($610) and my brother and Sue are doing the best they can to get the inheritance sorted out and I...

I'm staying with a friend until her lease with a shitty apartment complex is up. It's safer than Erycka's and I've got a pillow and sleeping bag nest I've been sleeping in here. Reason for sleeping here is that I've still got my dentist here and the prospect of a 44 mile drive to get to him to finish this dental work has zero fucking appeal.

Seriously FUCK THIS SHIT SO BLOO- *mic cuts out*

....right, that was about as far as we got before she started to just snarl.

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This is an emergency alert, due to many fricking factors I was too scared to even consider as options before. Y'all know how for the past year and a half I've been living outside of my family home for the first time EVER in my 30 year old life. For the first six months, it went alright, even including Hurricane Sandy. In March of last year I even handled the dental drama of one of my teeth rotting nearly to the bone and needing to be pulled out and a bridge put in! (Those driving cars over it jokes got old SO fucking fast) So my flatmate was a little harsh sometimes, so she drove off one of her friends by being a drama queen, this is all sort of some of those usual first-time trials of living with someone right?

Hoo-boy Captain Howdy I should have started asking questions right then. I even started looking at other places until I got busy with work in the summer. Wow. Summer, working in a kitchen and coming back to a rather irate and completely self-centered housemate. I really, REALLY should have seen the signs when she'd blow up about my schedule being weird and my alarm clock going off at the butt-crack of dawn or why I was pissed she spent the night being loud downstairs if I'd have work the next day.

Then comes the sort of double-sided talk. I take care of her cats, two anxious as fuck brats who regularly either steal shit from the garbage can to play with, or steal my stuffed toys for the same purpose. The few times I left to go traveling for cons or the such, she bloody damn well badgered me until I paid her friend for cat-sitting. The kicker is that her friend REGULARLY insisted that I didn't have to pay her for checking in on my cats.

More than that, as soon as Louie bonded to me, he actively started FLEEING Erycka's grasp. Animals are smarter than humans sometimes, I really should just have Louie be my people barometer.

Finally when Autumn hit, bringing with it the college courses and the results of her own stupid need to butt into everyone else's life... Well, she burned bridges with someone who'd been a friend with her for over a decade because she kept pushing, and pushing, and PUSHING someone with an alcohol problem to seek therapy, despite the fights that would happen. Thus, my housemate decided that since she no longer had a place to crash at while she was at college (nearly an hour and a half away from home), she'd do the 'stay in a trailer' while doing an extremely strenuous college course.

This was about the time that I think I became her pet 'rehabilitation' project. Look, the woman's great with anything scaly, worked as a reptile rescue and rehab helper for 5 years. The lady just had NO skill with reading the body language of mammals. Maybe. I don't know her head or how it works, so why the bleep would she know my head? Even I have trouble navigating it sometimes, so why would she read my mind? Truth be told, she tried, and I think when I didn't respond the way she thought I =ought= to, I was blamed.

While I was trying to find rooms all winter, I had few results and after talking to another friend, the reason I was getting no replies back on email was because my email name might've been caught by their spam filter. =/ What ones I did whittle down and think were just fine, she shot down until I got the 'perfect place'. I blew off FIVE places that would've done fine for my purposes because she nit-picked them to death. I wasn't expecting perfection, in fact I've become suspicious of perfection because it comes with a pricetag. This 'perfect apartment' came with a clause that they couldn't sublet to me because I hadn't had any sort of income for the past two months. After that crushing blow, it became harder and harder to find someplace to go and stay. She'd badger me everyday about where I had looked, and I did look online, I called people on the phone when she wasn't around to pipe in with 'helpful advice'.

It got to the point where two, three times a day she'd keep asking that same question about my finances (oh yeah, I'm gonna stay calm while you ask me about the inheritance I haven't touched from my mother *channels Karkat for a while with two big fucks up*) or about any places I'd visited and seen yet. I even had a place I was going to head for, that my brother had checked out for me. I trust my brother Martin, he's a reliable sort and he'd even viewed that room himself when he was hunting for a place to stay not that long ago himself. When I announced this, it got WORSE. She'd get aggressive and physically advance on me while battering me with rapid-fire questions and ALWAYS expecting a different answer, or specific details which I now was reluctant to tell her in case they got shot down. If I tried to LEAVE she'd accuse me of being rude or obnoxious or trying to ignore her. It's impossible to ignore her, I just wanted to get away from her Spanish inquisition.

That doesn't cover what happened on Monday. Monday things went to hell. I was heading out to meet another friend for coffee, one who happened to have been one of my housemate's former closest friends. One who had the stones to call her out on when she was fucking up and freaking me out. The moment she badgered who I was meeting out of me, she went fucking Ballistic and accused me of having some kind of agenda with suddenly contacting this friend.

Excuse me, there's this thing called you know the INTERNET...with online CHATTING, you know all of that typing I'm constantly doing? I just closed the door on her face before she could a hand through and started running for the bus stop then. Ooooh boy, that was when things started becoming like a fucking bad episode of COPS. She followed me out into the yard, half-dressed and screaming obscenities at me as I hauled off for the bus stop. The reason I was taking the bus was that she had me parked in, so with my headphones going on full blast, I got to the coffee shop...and immediately just broke down by a long-time resident and something of a fellow artist there. Nice old grandpa sort named Denny who looked worried the moment he saw me. I don't know how I looked, but I was able to hold it together until Kelly came to pick me up.

After that she went into crisis mode and said that when I went back to the house to pack up what I needed for a few nights away from my housemate. Don't talk, don't make eye contact, all of that. It didn't take me long and I know I forgot some things because it was a 2 hour span. I put all of the stuff I had been packing up into my room, cleared out all that I could from the downstairs. I was waiting for the time when Kelly would pick me up when Erycka stormed up to me and called me several things before stalking out of the house and driving off. By THAT time I was too numb and terrified to say anything, much less DRIVE.

So, with bags and blankets, tea and pillows I fucking ran with Kelly to the apartment that she still has for another couple of weeks. Kelly is living with some friends of hers right now, so I'm a nice safe quiet place for a while.

I may also be completely useless for any RP or plotting for a while folks. Between my housemate and having to get another tooth pulled and a bridge made (fun fact, it's the matching bicuspid on the left side of my mouth. Dentist suspects they didn't grow right and assures me it wasn't my fault for it), my body is...less than ideal for making any decisions right now.

Sorry all, I just need to hide in the blankets for a while.
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...cause Ion my wee laptop is in the shop once again, tahnkfully covered by my geeksquad tech support insurance.

and I'm buying a new computer. Well. New to me.

aaaand this coming Tuesday is my very first...root canal. Liquid diet, antibiotics and painkillers hoor- wait that not right.

Cam, I am greatly appreciating the ways you have VASTLY expanded my dictionary of cussing words. So very, very grateful. And if this turns out to be malware, I will find the large incontinent St. Bernard, and add in the Tibetan Mastiff trained to attack people who put out small fires.
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...yes. it's black fucking friday, however some of your neighbors aren't shopping in this wee lil town...

not the way you are. So please, tuck your penis issue back into your pants and don't revv your motor up at say 4 am just for the fucking thrill of it as you race down Main St.

Next time I'll be waiting with a shotgun.
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This is the third spammer I've had replying to Tyler Marlocke's freaking EQUIPMENT ENTRY in two days.

I'm going to start looking up the costs of hiring a goddamn hitman for taking these spammers out.
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Maybe it's from having to wake up far too early this morning to get work done AND have lunch with Mom...

But I feel like if someone just touches me the wrong way, I'm going to end up attacking their face like a cat on catnip playing headcrab.

And i'm in my happy place at the library!

...wtfbody. The urge to eat skulls should be reserved for when we have to work with Popdouche.
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Left AC power supply/adapter at library yesterday, likely gone for good.

Looking at $35 to replace it.

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I have new rant fodder for a new Newt's-eye View letter.

...for those who missed them the first time around...

One, two, three, and four

All were comics done for the old harvesters comm. Which is dead but the comics are still funny.

I think it'll go something like this

Dear Spazmom,

I understand that you've been waiting for your food.

It's taken a while to get done I'll grant you that but first several things that you need to take into account before you start screaming at the staff about how you've been waiting an hour for your food and alllll your little kids are screaming and hungry.

One: You were the last group to arrive after all other 10 tables at the tiki area filled up, each with 6 people to a table roughly. Your waitress told you it was going to be a while.

Two: You do NOT come into the kitchen to scream at the staff, or to scream at the waitstaff who are only trying to get everything done.

Three: I saw your kids, who were REMARKABLY more well behaved than you, and not screaming. they may have been fussing and anxious to explore the area but certainly not throwing tantrums or starving.

Four, and I think this is the most important one... LOOK AT THE CLOCK YOU GODDAMN BINT. You sat down at 12:10 pm. You food got to you at 12:35.

We have photographic proof and the tickets with timestubs for evidence.


Shut up, take your food, pay the bill, and leave us over-worked cooks out of your little PMS routine.

---A Baking Gypsy

Several comments from my coworkers.

On her four kids "It's not my damn fault she can't keep her legs closed."

On her Attitiude "Lady, I don't know what form of crazy you have but keep the hell away from me, it might be contageous."

On her time-sense. "...Who wants to take bets that this lady's on the good mommy's little helper?"
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Sometimes, the brain will not let go of a concept.

In those cases, I need other people's help to form ideas and get them down to get my brain to let go of the damn thing.

In this case, I want to do a parody of all those dating-sim based romantic mangas, where the ratio of boys to a girl is 5-6 to 1. Harem mangas. Except with the heroine having some sense and stuck between groups of either gender and have the plot based on BENTO box competition.

...I'm stuck on the stereotypes though, and this probably makes me a weirdass for wanting to do it.




Any thoughts?
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Ordinarily this rantspace would have been put up last night, but I was too ill to make a proper rant of it then.

Lastnight, as it's become our weekly tradition is the night mom and I now have bonding time. We go out to eat and talk about things such as clothing, social lives and food. Afterwards we usually run errands together. Mom had to stop at the mall to return items and buy new things and I decided to jog down to the office supply store they had to see if they carried a type of marker I wanted to try out. Opaque paint markers. I had little luck finding it so I deciding to ask one of the clerks.. Who proceeded to sy.. "Pink markers?" ... "No..O-paque markers." "She's looking for pink markers.. " ... "No OPAQUE" ... "What color is Opaque?"

yes. you heard me, they asked what color opaque was. I went through two clerks before the copy lady came over and I said as you would find in ANY fourth grade science book.. "Your windows are transparent, your frosted mug is translucent.. and your counter if OPAQUE." The copy lady was the one who got it right.they didn't carry the markers but I left with a headache anyways. That store suffers from SEVERE INBREEDING.
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..the harris poll people just called to ask me if I agreed abortion should be illegal, marriage defined as being a union between one man and one woman, that despite doing something legal with their owned property a US citizen can get arrested for altering their property if their neighbors disagree with it, to cut sufference payments in order to keep healthcare costs down.

by the way, I answered no to all of these. But now i'm feeling political. that means pissy.
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Two topics. Reasons why I'm thinking about this stuff? Could be the lack of sleep. Could be the chaos that is my noggin, apparently someone left a fish in there and it's getting a bit ripe if I'm philosophizing about religion.

The whole yin yang principle. Two opposing forces in harmony in the same cycle. ..Just one coin. One coin. (yeh the above was me thinking too much)

Also a bit of thought on the cross. And the 'face' of jesus. I got to thinking, one of the commandments is that you don't worship false idols right? ...yet people do that everyday in the church, praying to statues of Jesus or the cross, when neither are exactly what the true ones are. It got me to thinking. Maybe people have trouble grasping the concept of an abstract diety or divine influence, they need a photo or a symbol to give them a push.

five dollars of thought, due to inflation and gas prices.
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Hey folks, it's that time of the week again! Where your ever-freaking fuzzy rants about the latest exploits between her and her mom. This week, like the past 10 weeks.. it's about JOB HUNTING. Guess what sort of habit mom has developed so kindly for her daughter? ..can't figure it out? ...well here...

Cut for severe sarcasm )
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Dear fast and furious wanna be driver,

This is the person you decided to harass tonight because even though I was going the speed limit in the slow lane, this was not fast enough for you and you decided to flash your brights at me for 10 miles in an attempt to make something. Now I realize you've been chemically castrated so that you won't pollute the genepool by your former ex's, but that is no reason to turn your poor vehicle into a compesation for your lack of ability to satify a lover. I would suggest you stop harassing other drivers as some of us have eidetic memory, and can and -WILL- report your skinny white gangta, flipped cap, trouser-wearing, bling sporting ASS to the police from your license plate.


The night-blinded young lady whom you harassed.



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