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sketches from people-watching and arriving in Bordertown.. I..I might watercolour this later and submit it as fanart to the [community profile] bordertown group...
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Hey y'all help a girl with computer trouble out!


I need to get my little laptop Ion checked out since files have been mysteriously disappearing. Most notably a 14mb file of story notes (so much screaming), so I'm offering out a little deal. I need $80-140 to pay for someone to fix this. I'll have this art-card post open until I meet those needs.


2.5 x 3.5 inch artist trading cards, collectible and portable inspirations.

$5 Lucky Dip you get something random, could be something like the cards pictured middle left, and bottom-middle and bottom-right, could be a character or something else

$10 Black and White Sketch (not pictured) I sketch you a portrait black and white on an ATC card of whatever character, animal, or person you happen to want in ink.

$20 Watercolor card I sketch AND watercolour a portrait of whatever character, animal or design you desire.

Comment here or ping me on aim @ BitternBright!
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...this will end up a spoiler for those on my christmas card list so if you don't want your little shiny surprise in the mail ruined...

Don't click this cut )

Otherwise, click above and enjoy!
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Who wants christmas shinies?

There are three options for christmas shinies this year, those being

A) A handdrawn christmas card!

B) A Randomized art card!

C) A colorful 2 by 2 inch square art patch! (for each person in a household if need me!)

So cmessage me with what you want and your snail mail address! Shoot me an email!
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Give me your links to your crazy art, you wonderful everyday weirds...

And please, you post any thing that would show up in 4chan I will be very annoyed with you.
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- finish 10 plush toys by 8pm.
- If toys get completed before 4pm, use extra time to work on scroll art
- If scroll gets completed (unlikely) refabric and start on moar tiny altar clothes


- Donate, while donating also sketch book cover ideas
-Mail toys to designated target
- Do book cover on computer


- If book cover is not complete FINISH THAT NOW
- Work on altar clothes and scroll frame

-Work on altar cloths
- Set up tiny altar supplies
-Work on art patches


- Donate, sketch art patches ideas
- Work on more art patches
- If finished with patches SCAN EVERYTHING.
-Make Mini ritual tins full of stuff.
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Warning y'all, I'm going to have an image heavy post, but the good news is that you guys get to see for the first time how my embroidery work progresses!

A little under two weeks in the making )

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a little bit inspired by [ profile] missmonster's monster paintings.

hand-embroidered, using a faux-victorian frame, calico fabric and embroidery floss!
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The other 3 elemental shortbread cookies!

Earth! Flavored with vanilla and sprinkled with fresh chopped rosemary prior to baking, hand-brushed alchemical symbol for earth done in black food coloring!

Fire! Flavored with orange essential oil, topped with dry sweet basil prior to baking, alchemical symbol hand-brushed on with food coloring.

And finally my personal favorite and personal element..WATER! Flavored with lime essential oil and fresh chopped thyme leaves sprinkled on prior to baking, alchemical symbol hand-brushed on with green food coloring!

And the recipe is here )

OH! And whoever wants cookies for christmas? NOTE ME, OR EMAIL OR IM ME YOUR MAILING ADDRESS PLZKTHNX??!!??

You'll get 4-5 coins of each element! Or just specify.
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Figure out what kinds are there waiting to be here.

Size and appraise them well.

Let them name themselves.

And don't forget to get the bakers dozen of other thoughts.


Jul. 16th, 2010 04:37 pm
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Hokay, plz muse, I know you liked doing the random even package for [ profile] wanderlustlover but could you reign in the need to make minishrines for a bit.

...Yes. Lil altar cloths for the minishrines might be a good idea. Except they'd be too expensive for the size and no one would want them.
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Went to see the West Bend showing tonight, and get myself a signed copy of the companion book!

The pre-showing event with the cheese and beer tasting was pretty decent, I've actually encounted the Saxon creameries work at the Bistro and knew the two cheeses by the sight of their rinds. There were beers being served out for trying and tasting in little cups.

Me? I've never been, and I don't think I'll ever BE a beer person. I tried the cherry beer and the pale ale and...really, I think if I ever attend something like this again, I'm going to remember to attend on a full stomach. There were some interesting exhibits on display in the museum, like a replicated 1887 camera and photography! And an exhibit on Wisconsin Native American culture with people dressing up in clothes and styles likely worn by their ancestors at that time. Lot of interesting ideas there!

Meeting Faythe again was fun, however, the same social seize-up of my ability to talk and interact in crowds got the better of me again. Stick me in front of someone with a group behind me, and watch my brain fail to think of something beyond a short answer. The director of that showing was really nice, and was completely okay about me brining in a sewing project to sit down with.

I have to say this for fancy embroidery sewing, like Jenny Hart from Sublime Stitching said, "I can't describe how good this feels, this is better than drugs, better than alcohol, better than SEX." I can even manage to be sociable while I have something to do, though I was a little self-conscious since more people asked to see what I was working on. Though, given this was a crowd for indie films and indie makers of shinies, I guess I shouldn't have worried so much.

Preparing for work tomorrow and next week? CALIFORNIA!!!


Apr. 13th, 2009 09:15 pm
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I've been talking about this in IM's for a while now and this week I finally got photos!

And the reason it's maroon is that the suit is made from all the old t-shirt uniforms I had to wear during the second run of my janitorial job at Kohler.


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