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So, thanks to my thumb still being numb from using the scissors to debone five pairs of jeans, this is all I have to show for today's work. 7 panels of patched denim reclaimed from several jeans, 16 inches long of varying widths for the sleeves of the kimono.

The piles at the left are the other panels of the kimono, the ones that didn't have holes, and thus didn't require patching. The pile at the bottom is all the trimmings that were left over from cutting the other panels into a managable state.

Hopefully, my thumb will NOT be numb tomorrow and I can start working on sewing the panels together for the migoro pieces, and then work on the sodes and okumi. I think the Eri will end up either being made from fashion denim scraps or whatever is left.
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stress-fed insomnia fairy. kneecap the #$@%^er.


Here's the list of possible projects

Current Scroll:
mandala piece complete
needlebook covers
wall altar cloths --various
=spirits wishing to have cloths made for sale
=Altar to Lilith
=Altar to Brid
=Altar to Athena
=Shrine to Amaterasu
=(see who else pops up into the skull. someone fond of blue is rustling in the background waiting for a proper question)
Doodle patches: black or white, must serge sides when complete for sale

Other forms:
Weird-ass beasties embroidered punk denim jacket(mineminemine)
Other embroidered emblem/coat of arms on a denim shirt
Emboirdered framed hangings (small and various circle styles)
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Hey y'all help a girl with computer trouble out!


I need to get my little laptop Ion checked out since files have been mysteriously disappearing. Most notably a 14mb file of story notes (so much screaming), so I'm offering out a little deal. I need $80-140 to pay for someone to fix this. I'll have this art-card post open until I meet those needs.


2.5 x 3.5 inch artist trading cards, collectible and portable inspirations.

$5 Lucky Dip you get something random, could be something like the cards pictured middle left, and bottom-middle and bottom-right, could be a character or something else

$10 Black and White Sketch (not pictured) I sketch you a portrait black and white on an ATC card of whatever character, animal, or person you happen to want in ink.

$20 Watercolor card I sketch AND watercolour a portrait of whatever character, animal or design you desire.

Comment here or ping me on aim @ BitternBright!
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...this will end up a spoiler for those on my christmas card list so if you don't want your little shiny surprise in the mail ruined...

Don't click this cut )

Otherwise, click above and enjoy!
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flat topped mint tins(decorate yo'self):13 (3 primed)

tiny flat tins:5(2 primed)

embossed topped mint tins(hidden in plain sight):14

tea tins: 4

viewing tins: 2 (upcycled from trader joe green tea mint tins)

4 other tins, various shapes, mostly round, two rectangular, one a former Maxwell House Cappucino packet tin(formerly a storage unit during highschool) and a snowman with a flag tin...these may be more candidates for the LARGER altar kits or the OOAK ones. We will see.
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Warning y'all, I'm going to have an image heavy post, but the good news is that you guys get to see for the first time how my embroidery work progresses!

A little under two weeks in the making )

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Notes on the jurogumo:

DMC embroidery floss #349=red, and #977=golden yellow


Jul. 16th, 2010 04:37 pm
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Hokay, plz muse, I know you liked doing the random even package for [ profile] wanderlustlover but could you reign in the need to make minishrines for a bit.

...Yes. Lil altar cloths for the minishrines might be a good idea. Except they'd be too expensive for the size and no one would want them.
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Trying to make hakama from internet instructions and not doing so well.

...really debating just finishing up my freakpants and wearing those instead along with the kimono and kosode, instead of the hakama.

Tabi, Sandals, Kosode and Kimono are done.

Obi is all that's left if I give up on the hakama.
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I've got a month and a half to scramble to get things together. Paypal is waiting for my darling bank to give the goods for the supplies.

What I need to make between March 5th and now.

Dobuku or Happi Coat: Whichever takes less fabric

Hakama pants

kosode undergarment:length measurements taken. Work will commence after I iron out the fabric flat tomorrow. I've got more than 3 freaking yards of it.
Obi: ...need to dig through my fabric supplies but I think I can do a simple embroider on a sash and wear that.

Tabi: (Might cheat and make fake-ish ones from white gym socks)

Sandals: Have idea involved braided scraps of fabric from projects, something like a braided rug?

Get registered with Couch surfing for possible place to STAY: DONE, now to find someone

Purchase fabric for Hakama and Coat: DONE jesus I need to keep track of Jo Ann's sales because 6 yards for 75 cents a yard for a very light denim which is perfect? =D!! DONE. Kosode is going to be made from some unbleached muslin that I got in a garage sale and washed. Scraps will be used for embroider projects.

Bento business stuff
Design brand 'tags' to be printed on cardstock and stapled to bags of goods

Make 15 simple furoshiki $5(five red, five blue, five green, with white fabric)

Make 5 complex furoshiki $10 (use vintage cloth with red, blue, green and 2 white)

Make 3 pumpkin bag furoshiki ($30, basically windfall item)

Either find an old tall wicker wastebasket or see if there's someone who can build a simple wooden backpack of sorts. Otherwise I'll just have to pack and stash a large amount of stock in the car and carry small amounts through the con each day in the wicker picnic basket.
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Right, seeing as lugging around Ion in my backpack is scratching up the case of the sweet lil thang I realize I might just have the materials at home to make my own laptop case.

I figure the math is like this for making it (your mileage and materials may vary), and since I cart around art stuff all the time, making certain I have space for those will be a priority as well.

I figure that my bristol board pad will be a good size to work from so!

the width of the pad + 2 inches x 7 + 6 inches again.

It should work out like this. / or \ = width of pad +2 inches, _=3 inches ((X+2)x7)+6 = Z, Z x Y=total size needed.


the above would be how it would be folded/laid out with the main body.

External dvd drive pocket would be the dvd drives size (X+1 in) x (Y+1 in) the same formula for making a pocket for the wireless mouse and the ac adapter main patch with an additional formula (X+1 in) x((y/2)+1 in) for the button flap.*

This shouldn't take too long, and I think I'll do this using the quilting method for lining and padding. For those not of sewing background, the quilting method is when you place your fabric good sides (Read as: the parts you want the outside world to see) together, with the insulated or padding on top, then sew together and turn inside out.

I figure I'll need side padding for the 3 in sides, which'll be a simple X+2 by 3 inches, same method for the main body. Not sure on the top handle, definitely going to pick up some safety buckles if they have them at Jo Ann's.

*...Holy crap, I used algebra to design my own laptop case. Quick someone help me calculate the geek cred points one gets for this!
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Went to see the West Bend showing tonight, and get myself a signed copy of the companion book!

The pre-showing event with the cheese and beer tasting was pretty decent, I've actually encounted the Saxon creameries work at the Bistro and knew the two cheeses by the sight of their rinds. There were beers being served out for trying and tasting in little cups.

Me? I've never been, and I don't think I'll ever BE a beer person. I tried the cherry beer and the pale ale and...really, I think if I ever attend something like this again, I'm going to remember to attend on a full stomach. There were some interesting exhibits on display in the museum, like a replicated 1887 camera and photography! And an exhibit on Wisconsin Native American culture with people dressing up in clothes and styles likely worn by their ancestors at that time. Lot of interesting ideas there!

Meeting Faythe again was fun, however, the same social seize-up of my ability to talk and interact in crowds got the better of me again. Stick me in front of someone with a group behind me, and watch my brain fail to think of something beyond a short answer. The director of that showing was really nice, and was completely okay about me brining in a sewing project to sit down with.

I have to say this for fancy embroidery sewing, like Jenny Hart from Sublime Stitching said, "I can't describe how good this feels, this is better than drugs, better than alcohol, better than SEX." I can even manage to be sociable while I have something to do, though I was a little self-conscious since more people asked to see what I was working on. Though, given this was a crowd for indie films and indie makers of shinies, I guess I shouldn't have worried so much.

Preparing for work tomorrow and next week? CALIFORNIA!!!


Apr. 13th, 2009 09:15 pm
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I've been talking about this in IM's for a while now and this week I finally got photos!

And the reason it's maroon is that the suit is made from all the old t-shirt uniforms I had to wear during the second run of my janitorial job at Kohler.


Oct. 19th, 2008 05:27 pm
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Come see what I made! 8D

More pictures here! )
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Recently I've come to inherit pair of old (we're talking at least half a century old on the youngest one) sewing machines.

They are encouraging me to buy myself a NEW sewing machine, perferably one that has more than one stitch setting.

In the meantime, I'm reading the manual and looking at the attachments.

As of right now? the Ruffler attachment is looking DAMN interesting.
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Since so many of you asked to see proof...

here they are. being worn.

Now I just have to photo edit the 20 other photos regarding how to make them.
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I made my own panties today!



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