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Fuzzy: Kasey, I'm getting second thoughts about my ability to come through for dragon*con
Kasey: what for yourself?
Fuzzy: in general, I feel like i'm going to SCREW IT UP
Kasey: sorry?
Kasey: what is there to possibly screw up
Fuzzy: the plan is that I'd have lots of plushies and make a business at dragon*con
Kasey: have none?
BitternBright: got plenty right now. but.. website business cards...
Kasey: fuzz i fail to see anyway showing up and selling shit you could possibly screw up.
Fuzzy: more along the lines of.. "oh god what if none of this sells.. and I have to make more tomorrow if I'm going to have enough"
Fuzzy: people at weekend flea markets make 50 items to sell for one day
Kasey: so...make some more
Fuzzy: I'm going to need 200+ for the convention
Kasey: and how many do you have
Fuzzy: currently? 20
Kasey: you could always take orders
Fuzzy: and I still need to design up a business card... make a point. ...I could make order forms
Kasey: make some order forms
Fuzzy: yeh.. and...making an image for a business card won't be so bad. ..and you know what? I just realized.. I could use livejournal as a website, host the photos on photobucket...
Kasey: yeah
Fuzzy: ok... I just spazzed over nothing didn't I?
Kasey: pretty much

"I've got a plan to lose it all."

I guess I freaked big time, I guess I've just felt like life has been creeping up and zapping me one in the ass lately. Airplane tickets are go. Now my biggest worries are A) getting up a website to advertise from and sell the plushies from (the current idea is LJ. photohost through photobucket) B) Making business cards C) Making order forms should I run out of plushies while at the convention D) getting a day job to pay for the rest of the con. E) getting Jennie Breeden to answer my emails back damnit!!! F)getting down and making enough plushies... *ponders*

...yanno... BPAL's hungry ghost moon update is coming up next...
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making more plushies.

in the past two days i've made two rather large-scale detail plushies, and I have the urge to make even more!

The muse must have eaten crack or SOMETHING.
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Today is a wonderful day, got my check for the plushie sale in the mail, along with developed photos of the plushies and my imp trade with Jules came in the mail today (BTW jules yours should be arriving within days (also, you are love for sending giftimps)) I have red lantern, carnivale revisited and le petite au mort.

I'm not reviewing petite au mort, when I opened the imp my nose scream bad from the first herbal note. Nose went auggh slamshut.

LE: RED LANTERN -- A tribute to the opium den cum bawdyhouses of Shanghai in the 1930’s. Golden amber, blonde tobacco, Sudanese black coconut, rich caramel, black currant, white opium and delphinium laced with a sensual blend of Asian spice.
in bottle: whoa, booze! oh I smell sweetness too and something sharp!
Wet on skin: hello booze, oh toasty coconut note BIG caramel.. faint floral scent.
Dry on skin: booze note fading, caramel rising high ohgoddessyes my nose LOVES this. Getting smoky smells now, light cigar, sweeter thicker smoke smell mmmm...
hour later: this stuff loves me. going to wait until it fades cuz I don't wanna wash it off.
Rating: 5/5 ohgodwhy did it have to be an LE???

also plushie links! <--this guy is for a soft sculpture contest

These two are the same plushie, tis reverisble!
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alright i'm admiting it, i'm addicted to BPAL and I want to get more stuff (IE the recent limited editions and imps of other stuff) thing is, strapped for cash. Thinking.. and I use this term loosely, of making one plushie for certain LE scents, person who makes a deal and buys me a bottle of the LE, will get plushie made for said Limited edtion scent.

In other words, buy me this and i'll give you this one of a kind plushie.

any thoughts to this?


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