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I got shinies in the mail today!

I got little blue teddy-shaped tarts that smell like vanilla ice cream. This is my first time recieving tarts and I've never really used one before. I think I also got some sample slices of soap too that are REALLY pretty.. and a teenytiny little purple compact that is filled with the strongest lavender smelling lotion I have ever come into contact with. mmhhm.

Also I got my imps with this order, the other stuff=freebies!

Whitechapel: White musk, lime, lilac, Citron. A gentlemen's blend that maskes the soulless form underneath.
In bottle: whoa holybugnuts. Strong lime. like squeezed before the margarita lime. Mom'll love this.

Purple Phoenix: Anniversary scent, stuff in it later
In Bottle: oooh. This smells like Imp without the nasty musk undertone and more tang. <3

Glitter: ...ooh. I should have gotten a bottle of this. This is like a more refined clinique happy. A colder one too. mmhm.

Attack of the Edit: ...shit. I just realized I missed out on the annual old world christmas fair yesterday. =< No photos with saint nick, shiny booths or old world brats and saurerkraut.
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Disclaimer for people who don't know what BPAL is. BPAL stands for the Black Phoenix Alchemy Labs. A gothic perfume oils site. google it.



Neptune: Abstract Ideas - Dreams - Scandal - Glamour - Idealism - Hallucinations - Imagination - Mediumistic Power - Poetry - Receptivity - Spirituality - Visionaries - Weirdness - Seduction - Prophecy - Fantasy - Perception

In bottle: At first oculd barely smell it. on Second sniffing after having had a long dark coffee, could smell it now. Watery, green, something a little.. ..dunno what that is. also. ..whoo. Sniffing the bottle makes the body feel good. whyfor is this?

Wet on skin: ..salty ocean. ...nice..salty ocean water. Maybe this is why the body loves it so. I loves me the ocean, not just swimming but running around yipping at the waves. Getting increased citrusy green

Drying: ocean is receding, getting a sweet watery floral, not too sweet, faintly like bubblegum. with that hint of very faint orange. ...oh me likee

Drydown: it switches whenever I sniff it. Sometimes it's this lovely spicy floral.. ..and sometimes it the wet ocean orange bubblegum.... Sexyness tho.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5, will keep me bottle kthanx. but willing to share with friends

Monsterbait: Closet
Bourbon blackberry buttercream over red velvet cake.

In bottle: ..ooh...ohohOH. me like. Smells like berries and something soft, sweet and dusty and a little sharp.

Wet on skin: Mhhm. I'm getting definitely sweetbrackish blackberry with a hint of something sharp and boozy. Loving this already, more so than the panty monstah.

Drying: ..ohh..bourbon is going away but the nice powdery soft sweet smell is coming back..smooth and yummy.

Dry: Creamy vanilla-like, I can smell a little of the cake and berry. no bourbon, but that's ok

Rating: 5/5 mine. MINE. MINE DAMNIT. so very glad I have a closet monster toy that I could bear to part with.



In imp: ...ohhh... yum I smell spiced nuts, like the kind you find in christmas vendors except less sweet.

Wet on skin: oh godyes. spiced nuts, burnt toffee and cocoa. ..oh.. GODYES. I find myself fighting the urge to eat myself. Really. I'm drooling. ..and I feel -frisky- I love this.

drydown: salty caramel, smoky pecan-like goodness, cocoa.. ...ohgod I smell like the warm version of a turtle sundae and I don't want to stop... ...this is a big turn on. I don't think I may need a full -bottle- but damn the imp pleases me... mmmmmmmm

rating: 4.5/5 loving this, yote promises if she gets any imps of this, she'll send them my way. I keep wanting to make sex metaphors for how much I like this.
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ZOMG YAY!! my monsterbait underpants today.. along with two frimps from the lab! mre the luck they're both on my 'want to sniff' list!

Underpants: So far only smelled the bottle. The rum note hits me and takes me back to when I got my imp of Red Lantern.. nnnummy...

Hurricane:The Dark Side of Air: a high pitched, tangy, clear scent -- light China rain deepened by murky vetivert.
in bottle: whoa..smells cool and wet. I like! getting an herby note too, must be what vetivert smells like..
on skin: wet background being amped and..something else. ..hold up. that's WEIRD. It's starting to smell like a freshly cracked open coconut. I do not detect the herby note I so enjoyed.
later: still coconut. hrrn. I'm alright with this scent..
rating: 3/5, might be reduced later.

Titania:A nocturnal bounty of fae dew-kissed petals and pale fruits: white grape, white peach, iced pear, musk rose, sweet pea, moonflower and snapdragon.
in imp: ...EEEE, wet, juicy, fruity! me likes.
on skin: wet fruit being amped.. I smell a little like fresh green grapes and peach.. oh hello. I'm getting a little floral. Not much, it doesn't overpower the fruit smell like most floral.. ...very soft sweet. I'm detecting a note similar to my pink phoenix in this too!
later: mmmhm. I smell more the floral now but it's grown on me. It's not too heavy and there's a little musky scent, but it's so light I have to put my hand right under my nose and sniff hard to detect it.
Rating: 4.5/5 MINE can't haveit.
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Over the past two months I've bought/recieved some LE imps.. concise reviews of each

Pink Phoenix (I think this is the 05 version): (BPAL:desc unavailable, defaulting to friend's description) Pure pink cotton candy fluff!
In imp: *sniffsniff* ...oh! Smells dry fruity sugary!
Wet on skin: wow ok that comes on strong with the sweet smell, I'm getting some visions of the flavored cotton candy you used to be able to by at a roller-rink.
Drying on skin: mmmm.. definitely getting a dry strawberry, also a drier slightly currant note, still very sweet.
Dry on skin: I feel pretty, oh so pretty, I feel pretty and witty and gaaaay~
Memphis: ...oh jeez mom...
Rating: 5/5 damn good and an LE and why the FARK do the only remaining bottles I can find are international??

Carnivale '05: From Bewitching Brews
Bright, intoxicating, hectic notes masking a twisted, corrupted core: sweet wild berry, spicy carnation and heliotrope layered over deep amber and musk. Bought it thinking it'd smell like a carnaval/party.
In imp: ..oh.. smells sorta caramel apple with a hint of lemon and.. ow something in there doesn't like me..
Wet on skin: ...KCUF!! Patchouli! Sweet patchouli with that sour stinky armpit smell... and slight floral...iiiiiick. patchouli.....
Rating: 0/5 *huff* hate patchouli we does... hate it like American IDOL!

Geek: (carnival noir 05' and recently 06 pitstop) A snarling, feral scent, ever-so-slightly slightly deranged: hot leather, opoponax, cedar, pine needle, mosses, dry grass, patchouli and cinnamon bark.

In imp: Something sharp herby, dry.. ..I kinda like. Bit like spruce but not spruce..
wet on skin: the herby notes are coming up, strong.. like I crushed a bunch of spruce needles underfoot, getting a little cinnamon and the eucalyptus sharp, cedar... and..
something.. not sure if I like that something
drying: oh.. godno. Patchouli. rotting earth patchouli. ... why god WHYYYY I liked the rest of it! my skin+patchouli.. it amps the patchouli and eats everything else.. ;-;
later inspection: dabbed little bit onto swatch of cloth and put into pillow. ...HELLO. Best dreams ever.
Rating:1/5, but has been revised.. 4/5 not gonna wear it, but DEFINITELY going to have to put it into a diffuser in my room when I sleep... sexy.

Strawberry moon: Strawberry moon is a blending of strawberries and cream with light, dry lotus and soft ylang ylang and a touch of green tea and sage to bring it closer to Earth.
- picked up for a friend who is MAD about strawberry/berry smells.
imp: I'm guessing it's aged because in the imp it smells strongly of a sharp just picked before evening strawberry. i'm getting no cream scent, but I can detect some sage.
not getting skin tested because i'm savin' it all for Kasey.
3/5 not the fuzzy's. not enough sweet or smoke.


Two, Five and Seven: A huge bouquet of squished rose petals: Bulgarian rose, Somalian rose, Turkish rose, Damascus rose, red and white rose, tea rose, wine rose, shrub roses, rose, rose, rose…
…and just an itty bitty bit of green grass.
Frimp from [ profile] dragonnaelf
in imp: ..freshgreenthings. Up until my nose has been fairly virgin when it came to rose smells. Now it is deflowered. it's sorta sweet.. but the smell of rose is overpowering according to mummafuzz.
skin: ...same, now I'm getting that teeny hint of crushed green grass but only barely. meh. it smells like real live flowers..but it's not fuzzy's thing to wear florals.

2/5 into the frimp/swap pile with you!

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Today is a wonderful day, got my check for the plushie sale in the mail, along with developed photos of the plushies and my imp trade with Jules came in the mail today (BTW jules yours should be arriving within days (also, you are love for sending giftimps)) I have red lantern, carnivale revisited and le petite au mort.

I'm not reviewing petite au mort, when I opened the imp my nose scream bad from the first herbal note. Nose went auggh slamshut.

LE: RED LANTERN -- A tribute to the opium den cum bawdyhouses of Shanghai in the 1930’s. Golden amber, blonde tobacco, Sudanese black coconut, rich caramel, black currant, white opium and delphinium laced with a sensual blend of Asian spice.
in bottle: whoa, booze! oh I smell sweetness too and something sharp!
Wet on skin: hello booze, oh toasty coconut note BIG caramel.. faint floral scent.
Dry on skin: booze note fading, caramel rising high ohgoddessyes my nose LOVES this. Getting smoky smells now, light cigar, sweeter thicker smoke smell mmmm...
hour later: this stuff loves me. going to wait until it fades cuz I don't wanna wash it off.
Rating: 5/5 ohgodwhy did it have to be an LE???

also plushie links! <--this guy is for a soft sculpture contest

These two are the same plushie, tis reverisble!
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alright i'm admiting it, i'm addicted to BPAL and I want to get more stuff (IE the recent limited editions and imps of other stuff) thing is, strapped for cash. Thinking.. and I use this term loosely, of making one plushie for certain LE scents, person who makes a deal and buys me a bottle of the LE, will get plushie made for said Limited edtion scent.

In other words, buy me this and i'll give you this one of a kind plushie.

any thoughts to this?
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ok.. see THAT?

YEH. Listen up peons, I want monster bait and uranus. Another juvenile chuckle will result in asskicking.

I repeat MINE!!!

Memphis: well now they know that monsterbait works...
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oh ye dark gods and wolves..

funny smells go here )
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The two dragon's stuff.

Cut for your health )
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Read more... )
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The list of things I'm really hoping to sniff out and try/trade.

Incoming from Lab:

None currently. must sell more toys.

Red Lantern 06
Monsterbait: Underpants Sold! to [ profile] bulletslc
Macchu Pichu
Monsterbait: Closet
Pink Phoenix

Akuma -WANTMORE orange=love!
Bewitched - frimped with love! want MOOOOOREEE
gluttony - LOST >: sadness
hollywood babylon -mrt
Wicked -given away
Hecate - frimped away
Has no Hanna -given away
La Petite au Mort (frimp from [ profile] spiritualitynow )
Two, Five and Seven (half frimp from [ profile] dragonnaelf )
Geek (imp)
Red Lantern (sent to [ profile] killskerry)
Fenris Wolf - LOST
Carnivale revisited '05 (frimp from [ profile] spiritualitynow )
Pink Phoenix MINE
Titania frimped imp, have bottle
jabberwocky Sold! to [ profile] bulletslc
moon rose ( Meet and Sniff 05/26/06 ) frimped away
Bon Vivant ( Meet and Sniff 05/26/06 )(sent to [ profile] killskerry)
Juke Joint ( Meet and Sniff 05/26/06 )
Versailles ( Meet and Sniff 05/26/06 )(sent to [ profile] killskerry)
2 vinland ( Meet and Sniff 05/26/06 ) one got bured with grandma the other sent to [ profile] killskerry
March Hare ( Meet and Sniff 05/26/06 )(sent to [ profile] killskerry)
delerium ( Meet and Sniff 05/26/06 )(sent to [ profile] killskerry)
Sugar Skull '05 ( Meet and Sniff 05/26/06 ) Sold! to [ profile] bulletslc
Gingerbread Poppet ( Meet and Sniff 05/26/06 )
Tarot: The moon frimped from [ profile] mousekinn <3
Undertow <-- this goes a lovely mint on me
Wolf's heart

Strawberry moon (sent to [ profile] killskerry)

want list:
Belle Époque
Golden Pripus
Snake Oil
Grand Guignol
Sudha Segara
Lady Macbeth
Darkness (funeral oils)
White rabbit (iffy on this one from the desciption)
Neo-toyko~~~ (as per ampersand's lovely review of it)
Tintagel~ -YAY GOT IT
Elegba (mild curiousity)
Elixir V
Horn of Plenty
Eat Me
Drink Me FUGH.

RAGE --hoping the rose doesn't go fubar and I get the mandarin note
Bon vivant!!!
JACK <--- yote had this go artificial banana on her. either way. WIN
ULTRAVIOLET GAK. went catpee and made me sneeze.

LE wanna try:
Lunacy and Celestial sniffies.

The Carousel
Mr. Nancy

Carnival Diabolique
CORAL SNAKE: Snake Oil with blood orange, red apple, lemon peel, plumeria, and gardenia.
GREEN TREE VIPER: Snake Oil with four mints, bergamot, and green tea.
ASP VIPER: Snake Oil with red mandarin, myrrh, and almond.

Picnic in Arkham
CTHULHU <--- Sniffed at a meet and sniff. Reminds me of sushi!

The Salon

Kinda curious on the seriophith and Tarot

imp of fruit moon or similar (more) for a friend in bad times. scents to uplift the spirit!

Also wanna get sniffies of any taror, chakra or panacea blends..

TAL impies=love, especially anything out of the joy and inspiration section. Edit: Utility, I's be wanting something of Energy kthnx.

anything citrus that ain't lemon, and berries and herbs!


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