Sep. 9th, 2015

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I am now 70% moved into the new place in Sheboygan and wow have I really let myself slide on updating things since I got stuck in the ass-end of no-where Wisconsin.

Fun thing, the meat-packing plant job let me go after 4 days, saying "You don't seem to be a good fit for our company". Not actually to my face, I heard this through the temp service via phone call about 20 minutes after leaving work on the 4th day. Suffice to say I was not happy, even less happy when a few weeks later Aunt Kate went to ask them WHY I was let go. *Facepalm* Curious does not mean invasive with most people, but with that woman I swear.... Strike one.

Apparently I "Did not soak up new information fast enough" and "chased people out of the breakroom with farting". Those were Kate's words and probably not what the lead supervisor said, because my business with them ended the moment they terminated my contract with them.

On the topic of the puppy situation, she has gotten leash trained and regularly goes out on walkies with Aunt Kate who is absolutely smitten with her. Kate has fallen out with the dog rehabilitator for not bringing the dog in for examination over in Iowa. By falling out I mean Kate won't listen to any experts now, save for the ones who've written books or made audiobooks about the subject of dogs. Strike Two!

I think in the heaviest of topics that need to be updated, this recent Labor Day I did NOT get to pack everything up and go down to Sheboygan as previously planned, but instead had to suffer through Aunt Kate's attempts to get someone to come by and fix the water heater on the RV for free. Which was followed by her saying that we 'needed to have an important talk' over a good dinner somewhere. (it ended up being this faux-wildwoods restaurant called ADVENTURES, believe me they want the name capitalized) She didn't hint about what the talk was going to be about so believe me when I say that I didn't believe what I was hearing at first. According to her, if I don't become self-sustaining in the next 3-5 years my family may take measures to have me declared 'incompetant' and sent into a group home for adults or possibly even institutionalized. I didn't take it well and started crying at the end of the meal as I lost both my appetite and my attention span during Kate's long-winded plans to get me a job that has a retirement fund.

Next day I wake up to find out I'd left my wallet at the grocery store the night before when I'd purchased a mix-n-match 6pack of beer for night time coping strategies. With three hours cut from an already re-arranged packing day I didn't get to load the dresser into the jeep with my clothes as had been previously planned. I landed in Sheboygan safely after a 6hr drive and promptly just stared at a wall for a while until my friend got done with her job and then took us out to eat, because according to her "You've had a shitty day yesterday and you need some happy." I love my friends, because not only do they give me a place to live, but her family wants to adopt me, and I feel at home.


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