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Finally communicated with Aunt Kate about wants and needs on boht sides, after I called Sue. I called Sue because it'd seemed that Kate had pulled a quick changes on our plans for an exploration today and gone ahead to one of the destinations. I'm still slightly nervous about going out to see these places to apply for jobs. Yesterday I ran around to five different places and handed in applications, today was a day without so much as one.

We talked about a lot of things, but mostly what I had planned for myself. Here's the thing, I have no plans or end goals for myself when someone asks this question. It's the sledgehammer to the kneecaps of a thought process, even if it's a well meaning one. Sometimes I need to stop dancing around an issue.

I have no five year plan beyond "Portland is a shiny place to be" and "I want to do creative arty things". These are not especially helpful, because the former could easily be replaced with another area to live. The latter carries all of the usual connotations of the starving artist.

I want to earn enough that I'm not relying on the inheritence to survive.

I would like to be less anxious about people.

I am less irritated with Wisconsin as a whole of a state, and even can think of it kindly.

I might move back to Sheboygan, (though not with Erycka who is still screening my calls).

I might stay here. Much as it frightens me to admit this. I miss my friends in Sheboygan like gangbusters but even they can't guarantee me a job.

I've moved and I have no idea what the frak I am doing.

Life, I guess.

I miss my cuddlecat Louie (he's staying with Kate because this place doesn't allow pets) and purple itsy blanket, but things are okay at the MacArthur Hotel/boarding house. The lady who owns this place just brought me cookies because I've apparently gotten in on her good side. Mostly by making my bed and asking if I can help out.
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