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Yesterday and today seemed to go swimmingly well for me. I got to eat a good lunch with a so much cider at Gardina's tapas on Main street, picked up a new sketchbook, visited the new meat market on Main St., made myself a hair appointment because I had been well past overdue for a trim, got myself the next gauge up for stretching my ears for plugs and managed to get a couple of numbers for apartment hunting. All of that before hitting up my chiropractic appointment and sketching out a some more lovely monsters in the art journal.

Today started with me waking up to a crown of fluffy awesome for my hair, and on the way out to dispose of a broken chair and the recycling met one of my nice upper-floor neighbors. Who then gave me a lift to downtown since he was amazed that I was out walking in this bittercold weather. Thanks to him I got in earlier than anticipated and was able to get some deals on metal studs at the head/punk shop. Further along I stopped in at the local organic bulk foods store three buildings down and picked up lots of bulk english breakfast loose leaf tea and scent sampled their essential oils to test combos out for a project with [personal profile] camwyn. Right after completeing my purchase, my aunt Kate called and really just jawed my ear off for a while, half of it about how we were going to do stuff for the move (which we had already agreed on months ago). Oy. Also, I think the move is finalized as she's ordering the chickens and seeds that I wanted to grow. Ain't no backing out now.

The hair appointment went great, since I just needed a trim (and my hairdresser agreed that "oh honey, NO CUTTING THE FLOOF.") I got bonus treatments of some hand massage and a little skin treatment included. After that I walked back to the piercing/tattoo shop where I'd gotten the new gauges to surprise the lady who'd helped me with a free patch since she'd liked my vest. On top of getting more time to sketch, I got to witness some truly adorable things. Like a 4 year old boy counting skulls with his mommy as they waited their turn to get his ears pierced, which was the birthday present he wanted. Alex (the piercer who's been helping me out with making wise choices) was surprised and saddened to learn I'd be moving soon, and actually insisted on paying for the patch she picked out. $15 dollars richer I decided walking my way back up Main Street might be really interesting, if nothing else because I could check out the other tattoo shop which tended to be better with Tengwar script.

See, I've been wanting to get memorial tattoos for each of my parents for a while. I'll reveal the concepts when I get the tattoos, don't worry.

The funny thing was, on the way there, I was smoking my herbal 'happy day' cigarette blend when this old guy smoking with his friends outside of a bar asked me something. Nothing makes hearing someone speak more difficult than having Haelstrom's cover of '1996' blasting on your headphones. Once I got closer, he asked if I was cold.

We know the obvious answer to this one. It is 18 degrees out and that is without the goddamn windchill. Army coats are great but my face was freezing, while this guy was clearly a few drinks into the wind, wearing nothing but a sweatshirt and a t-shirt. I got a surprise when he held the sides of my hood and kissed my nose, wishing me that my day would get warmer and that I could be as happy as he was on his birthday today. We talked after that and I told him about my current objective, to which he said 'hell fucking YEAH, those ideas sound so fuckin' cool'. I left him with two of my herbal cigarettes which I think he believed were the special kind.

The people at the second shop were packed, but once they were done with the people in before me, SUPER HELPFUL with promises to design something good for a pair of tattoos, even having some plugs that the other place wasn't carrying, like gemstone, bone and wooden plugs. My inner pagan was gleeful. It had no idea what was in store after this.

The next stop was a local artist consignment/antiques/salvage store called Folklore, which I love because they have all kinds of things to help inspire a body. Today though I just got magnetized to their big bowl of defunct currency from various countries. There was no excuse for it, but I bought a bag of various coins to use in patches and charms for the future because some of the coin designs were just plain bad ass.

Right across the street was a shop called "Main Street Awakenings" which... Okay, remember what I said about my Aunt and how there was no backing out of moving in with her now? WELL... It was mixed bright joy and deep sorrow to find an absolutely wonderful pagan supply store on the BUS LINE HERE that sold whole resins and stones and so many other wonderful pagan things. I picked up Ginkgo leaf for my cigarettes, frankincense, salt peter, a powdered incense blend called Lodestone, candles... got to the counter to find out everything was BOGO. They also sell Mongolian Tea bricks.

Along the way back I ducked into another of the antique shops on Main Street, which was more of a salvage operation. Once inside of their warehouse area I think I about died of squee from the old tin ceiling tiles, ceramic door knobs and clawfoot bath tubs, to say nothing of some of the old worn-down church pulpits and statues. I left without buying anything, and a head full of fizzing over-stimulation.

This all concluded with an extremely late lunch. I'd lost track of time, during the whole walking about downtown for five hours and my last meal being seven hours prior. Bad Fuzzy. Still, there's worse ways to end the day downtown than with an egg salad sandwich and a bottle of Blackhawk Porter. And ofcourse some sewing because the moocat Louie refuses to let me sit and sew in peace.

Tomorrow's missions: Shallot, batteries for Louie's laser toy, noodles for ramen, Saint Vincent DePaul store and possibly finally renting Pacific Rim to watch it.

Because I have a terrible confession to make. All I know about Pacific Rim, I learned from Tumblr gifs. I'm sorry.


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